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Mobile App Development Services in Dubai

Mobile phone applications have become a really crucial part of our lives and today, we can't even imagine a day without using a single mobile application. You will find a wide variety of services for mobile app development dubai available each of which is meant to ease out our efforts and make our lives easier. So, if you are looking forward to getting a mobile app developed for your company, then you may get in touch with our mobile app development company in dubai and get yourself the desired services at affordable prices.

What is Mobile App Development?

For mobile app development services of any kind, BrandStory is the ultimate destination for you. Mobile app development includes the process of developing a mobile application that will serve a particular purpose. These mobile applications are developed by skilled mobile app developers in dubai by making use of highly advanced technology. 

There are a wide variety of mobile applications available in the market each of which is aimed to fulfill a specific purpose. You can also get your mobile application developed on various platforms depending on the needs and requirements of the organization. These mobile applications can also add versatility to our lives. You can also contact one of the top mobile app development companies in dubai for the desired services.

Our Mobile App Development Services in Dubai:

Android Application Development: Android applications have become really popular nowadays. Almost 60% of the mobile phone owners from all across the world are Android owners. By getting yourself an Android application developed, you can easily reach out to the target audience.

iOS Application Development: iOS applications are made for the iPhones and iPads. They can be used to offer different kinds of functionalities to our mobile phones. These applications are of different types. You can also get a customized iOS application designed to serve your specific purpose.

Flutter Application Development: Our highly skilled team of App developers Dubai will allow you to design your flutter application in the best way possible. You will be able to create an excellent brand identity for yourself by making use of our apps.

React native Application Development: Our react native app development services are of top-notch quality. We will design your react native apps right from the scratch and help you streamline your business process. We will also understand your exact requirements and design your app so that it suits your business objective.

Cross-platform Application Development: If you are looking forward to creating a cross-platform existence for your business, then you should avail of our mobile app development services in dubai. These applications can be accessed from multiple platforms.

Hybrid Application Development: You can also reach out to us to develop a next-generation hybrid application for yourself. Our applications are quality tested and are built to perfection. They will satisfy your business requirements and will also allow you to streamline your business operations.

Industries We Serve

E-Commerce: The E-Commerce industry has become heavily dependent on mobile applications. All kinds of E-Commerce transactions are being conducted through E-Commerce apps.

Restaurants: Restaurants are also making use of applications to a great extent. You can get to see the menus and place your orders directly from the app itself.

Healthcare: Mobile applications have also become an integral part of the healthcare industry. The hospitals are making use of apps to streamline their operations. The users can also largely benefit from the services.

Fintech: Mobile applications can offer a wide variety of fintech services. This is going to streamline the financial industry and also allow the operations to be performed in a streamlined way.

Insurance: You can browse through different insurance plans, make your payments online and also choose a new insurance plan for yourself directly from an application.

Accounting: All kinds of accounting services can be carried out for mobile phone applications without any kind of problem at all. A lot of accounting companies are also using apps for multiple purposes.

Education: With the popularity of online education, mobile applications have become really important in the education industry. These apps can also be used by the students to keep track of the progress at schools, colleges, etc.

Banking: All kinds of online banking operations can be carried out from the app. You can make fund transfers, open a new account and carry out other kinds of integral banking operations by making use of a mobile app 

Why Choose A Mobile App Development Company?

By taking the help of a Mobile app development company, you will be able to provide an excellent exposure to your business. You will be able to get all your business activities streamlined directly from the app. The mobile app development company will hold regular meetings with you to understand your exact requirements and on the basis of that, they will offer you the solutions. Our mobile app development agency in dubai will also make use of some of the latest and most advanced forms of technology in developing your mobile applications. 

KPIs for Mobile App Development

Retention rate: The retention rate can be used to determine how many users come back to your application after their first visit. Better retention rates imply better engagement rates.

Churn rate: The churn rate is another important KPI for determining the success rate. It is basically the opposite of retention rate and it is used to track the number of people who stop using the app altogether.

Active users: Active users determine the number of users who make use of the application on an active basis. It measures how many people are actually finding the application to be useful.

Cost of acquisition: Cost for acquisition signifies the total cost required in order to download the application on your mobile phone. This is another parameter which determines the success rate of the application.

The return of investment: The return of investment determines how much return you can get from your mobile application development process. It signifies the success rate of your application.

Customer engagement: A properly built mobile application should always have a very good customer engagement rate. It can be used to signify how engaged your customers are to your platform.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Consultation: This is the first phase of the mobile app development process. Here we will hold up regular meetings with you and understand your requirements. We will also provide you with a detailed idea of what exactly is feasible and on the basis of that, we will start off with the app development process.

Wireframing: We will come up with schematic blueprints of your mobile application. This is going to help us in easily exploring the options and finalizing the various designs before we move on to the development phase.

Design Approval: Here we will get your mobile application designed in the best way possible. We will also ask for your approval. In case any changes will have to be made, we will do that as well.

Development Stage: Now comes the development stage. Here, we are going to write the actual code for your mobile phone. We will make use of the best technology in writing your code. We also follow a complete modular approach.

Feedback: Once the development stages are done we will send the application to you for your feedback. We will take all your valuable feedback into account during our app development process.

Quality Assurance: The app is going to be tested rigorously for quality. We make use of different testing methods in order to ensure that your application is completely bug-free.

Launch & Deployment Once the testing is done, we will proceed on to launching the application on various app stores. We will also be in touch with you throughout the deployment process so that the app can be launched in a smooth and effective way.

Why Brandstory Is the Leading Mobile App Development Company In Dubai

Free Consultation: We are known to offer free consultation services to our customers. No matter what kind of advice you require from us, we will be there to help you out.

Experienced Team: We have got a highly experienced team of developers who will develop your application as per your requirements.

Transparency: We maintain complete transparency with each of our customers. We will maintain constant communication with you at every stage of the app development process.

Technical Support: We will provide you with excellent technical support. In case there is any problem with your application, you may directly get in touch with us and we will offer you the services

Client Stories

I would highly recommend BrandStory for mobile app development services. I have had my app developed from them quite a few years ago and it has brought about massive transformation to my business. Now I am able to carry out all my business operations in an extremely easy way. I have also been able to drive a lot of customers towards my brand.

- Deepak

I am really thankful to BrandStory for helping me out with their excellent mobile app development services. I could design the application of my dreams for my company. This helped me in streamlining various aspects of my organization. Today, I can proudly say that my brand has over 100 potential customers.

- jabir

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The total cost will depend on the kind of features you want to integrate and the platform on which you want your app to be built. You can provide us with your requirements and we will help you out with an estimate of the cost.

Mobile app development involves developing an application for mobile users. The applications can be used for multiple purposes.

There are different varieties of mobile apps available including Android apps, iOS apps, hybrid apps, cross-platform apps. So, you can choose your application type depending on the exact requirements.

By hiring a mobile app development company, you will be able to get the entire job of developing an application done for you in an extremely easy and streamlined way. You will also be able to provide massive success to the organization.

The total time taken is going to depend on your exact requirements. You can provide us with all your requirements and we will help you out with an estimated time frame.