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Higher Target Audience Is Made Possible by Cross Platform App Developer

Brandstory is a company that works on different cross platform app developments. The purpose is to give clients their worthy popularity. It is easily accomplished by achieving a higher target audience, increase in sales, and brand awareness. All these features are easier with an app.

An enterprise or a business in Dubai loves to bring its app. It is a good idea to hire our company. Each Cross Platform App Developer from our site gives you the best and most well-optimized app in return. All you need is to hire the best to be the finest in the market.

Our company has made a lot of happy clients. The number is still counting. As a leading Cross Platform App Development Company In Dubai, hiring us can make your future in the digital world. So, this is the chance you should grab as soon as possible.


Significant steps are there to follow to create an app. We are a legit Cross Platform Mobile App Development company. Our experts know the entire procedure of making any kind of app. We do this as per your business perspectives.

Finding the right info, implementing them, and giving the right result within the right schedule are our affirmative approaches. The following steps are associated with our app creation protocol:

Business Understanding

Brandstory understands your business and collects information. These are the keys to developing an app per your brand's products and services. It is a portrait of your brand's reputation. So, your company's mobile application must have all the essential features that you claim for your clients.

UX UI Design

This is an ideal part for our developers. Our Cross Platform Mobile App Development Company In Dubai UAE provides a unique top-notch design and multiple optimizations. An app is necessary. We develop a proper app with an eye-catching structure and high-end performance.

Application Development

The app-building is important from your company's point of view. Experts from our agency deliver top-notch efforts to improve your app's development. We use productive Cross Platform Mobile Development Technologies to build your app.


After the development, this is a mandatory task that our developers do. We do check for all vulnerabilities lying within your app. This phase helps us to eliminate them all. This phase is also useful to check the newly developed app's compatibility.


After all major procedures, the app is finally ready to get its place among the play stores available on different platforms. There, your app will also receive the right kind of App Store Optimization for promotion and brand awareness.

Maintenance and Support

You won't feel alone or helpless after the completion of your app development. We provide you with the aid of support and maintenance.

Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

Our Cross Platform App Framework is capable of unlocking many things for your company.


This is an ideal one for cross-platform mobile application development. Brandstory prefers using this method for clients as per their app development requirements.

React Native

This is a seamless cross-platform that help developer creates apps for mobile users. Our experts give their best to generate the best design and optimization as per our clients’ demands or business services, or productivities.


This is a popular version of a cross-platform app development tool. It is useful to produce apps for watch OS, tv OS, macOS, iOS, Android, and Microsoft (UWP apps). The tool prefers C# and. NET. It holds the ranking among the most hyped cross-platform mobile frameworks.


This is a true cross-platform tool. The tool can run iOS, Electron, Android, and PWA (progressive web app). It uses a single codebase to run them all. We give some pre-required optimizations to make your app work across the above platforms.

Our Complementing Services

Our Services

Brandstory is the Best Cross Platform Mobile App Development In Dubai. Your demands can get the right supplies from here. You should know the types of services we offer here. It will be easier for any entrepreneur or businessman to possess some ideas.

Our productive services grant you ultimate freedom. It starts by owning an individual app. Having such liberty is only possible here in Dubai. We offer the following services available to all our clients:

Mobile Application Development

An organization or enterprise requires an app to operate its entity. In this case, brandstory is a great supporter. We deliver the best app development program using several cross-platform tools. We develop them as per our clients’ needs.

Custom Web Development

The cross-platform apps are quite great for customizing web pages. Yes, a grand solution is there for your business with our cross-platform tools. Developers from our side know what you require. We deliver everything to build a website according to your choice.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

We have the right tools to allocate and deliver key sources effectively. We know when and where your company will need them. Clients understand and trust us for different services. Cloud infrastructure management is also one of them.

Responsive Web App

The Cross Platform Application Development also generates the best responsive web app. Developers from our side know what you need the most.

Hybrid Apps

The web apps have a native app shell. Brandstory creates them for its clients. These apps are great with different compatibility across several mobile devices via an embedded browser.

Migration Services

Developers help you to build a new app. We do it by extracting information from the old. It is easily possible across different cross-platform apps. Yes, it is good to follow the latest trend. So, migration helps your app remain up to date without losing its active users.

AR & VR Apps

We create wonderful and advanced forms of apps that support different futuristic technologies. AR and VR usages are blowing everyone’s attention. So, getting to the next step in this revolution is also possible here.

Wearable Apps

For those who prefer smartwatches, an app is also a major integration. With the help of cross-platform tools, we make wonderful apps as per your app’s requirements.

AI-Based Mobile Apps

Brandstory loves to use the functionalities of AI. We implement this tech within our developed cross-platform apps to grab the attention of many clients towards your product and services.

eCommerce Apps

merchandise must get the right reputation they deserve. An app can bring that respect without any flaw. We develop eCommerce apps to keep your business on the go.

Utility Apps

Different utility apps are there to boost your productivity. We also have developers using cross-platform development tools to create opportunities with these utility apps.

Why should you go with a cross-platform mobile application?

Cross Platform Application Development has many reasons to be popular. However, clients must know why they should hire this wonderful opportunity. It is a great deal to develop an app for your company. Hopefully, you have the best asset available in Dubai.

Brandstory makes a great effort to be on your side. The following key reasons are enough to explain the utility of cross-platform mobile applications:

    Greater Market Reach

    Uniform UI & UX

    Easy Marketing

    Efficiency in Processes

    Testing the Waters

    Reduced Development Costs


The mobile world is a great one to conquer. For startup businesses, a great idea should be to launch an app. Brandstory is a wonderful platform that initiates your hope. We keep it to the ultimate level of success. Several industries require the support of cross-platform apps.

We provide our affordable and optimistic support to the following businesses:


As mentioned above, a startup business must grow. It requires great ideas and of course, an app of its own. Our company can help you to wrap up an app for you. This will be a great deal for your business’s growth.

Ecommerce App

Unlike mobile, we also work in the Cross Platform Desktop App Development. E-Commerce apps get the right support that they deserve. Our developers and their skills collage to form a flawless app for your company.


An entrepreneur must know how to grow. Having an app for your enterprise can make a lot of work easy. We develop top-notch apps with the cross-platform development toolkit. This is a productive idea to grow.


To add some fun and adventure, games are a great medium. Brandstory prefers the best cross-platform technologies to develop games. The gaming industry is also getting the right benefits from this tool.

Benefits Of Cross Platform App Development?

Well, points to choosing cross-platform app development are few. However, the productivity it provides is ultimate. Your industry or business will face an ultimate change after owning an app. The following benefits can be yours with the cross-platform app development:

Faster time to market

Joy to use the same app

One source code

Easy to maintain

Why Choose Brandstory as your cross platform mobile app developer in Dubai?

Picking Brandstory as your default app developer is a great idea. We use a cross-platform mobile development toolkit to mesmerize products. Do you know some convincing reasons to prefer us? However, someone new to this line must know how to choose the best.

The following convincing reasons are the best part for choosing us:

Quicker development time

Less code development


Improves flexibility

All these reasons are enough to select the best for your business app development. In Dubai, clients get the best from our agency. So, a bright future is ahead when you choose us as your default option.

Our Complementing Services

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the answer to businesses shift from just "surviving" to "thriving". In today's world that breathes digital, digital marketing is an unquestionably essential for business growth. Our digital marketing website services caters to the increased online visibility demands your business to project itself, reach out to customers and compete in the digital marketplace.

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UI/UX Services

UI/UX are the primary drivers of the customers' decision to stay on or navigate off an app or website. We understand that user pleasure and satisfaction are the propellers of a business, the solutions to which are top-notch UI/UX design.

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Website Services

Your website is the window to your business offering. Be it static, or dynamic webpages, corporate, or e-commerce websites, we got you covered. Our high performing websites in terms of content and search engines rankings will convey your unique brand identity to your audience.


SEO Services

Our digital marketing agencies in Dubai will understand the importance of SEO and how it can directly influence the online visibility of your website. Our optimal SEO techniques bring in organic traffic to your website and increase leads significantly. We guarantee that your pages will fare on top amongst the search engine result pages.

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SMM services

Our website design and social media marketing services will work towards consistently elevating your brand image by highlighting your uniqueness. Your audience will clearly discern the potential, reliability and key features your product has to offer. Our social media campaigns target the right audience at the right time.

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Mobile Services

In today's today and age, a solution is not comprehensive if it is not mobile ready. Our mobile app development team incorporates state of the technology to make all your solutions accessible to your end users on the go. We believe that user research is the basis for creating an intelligent interface and great user experience.

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B2B Marketing Services

B2B marketing strategies to concentrate your resources and activities on the opportunities that provide the greatest return on effort and that match the goals of your business. We help identify and cement customer value, create relevant differentiation for your business and generate interest in your offerings.

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PPC Services

With our PPC ad campaigns, we increase the cyber footprint of our customers. Our PPC experts lay out a well-etched plan for implementation at the beginning of the campaign. The PPC ads will be designed to direct traffic towards specific keywords, and relevant landing pages.

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Yes, Brandstory can do the best in outsourcing cross platform mobile app development. Thanks to our skillful developers and their prominent designs. They have made our targets much easier to achieve.

Our developer prefers to use cross-platform app development tools. They are quite effective to provide the right app as per the client’s necessity. The languages are HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. They do their part to develop the best one.

You must know some significant reasons to pick a top-class cross-platform mobile app development company. The following points will tell you how:

  • Market Research
  • Mobile app trends
  • Customer demands
  • Identify your audience
  • Identify your platform
  • Features to include
  • Improve user experience

Yes, we prefer a signed NDA document from your side. It helps us to proceed further in the development work.

The following points can elaborate to you easily about the benefits of multi-platform applications:

  • Quicker turnaround
  • Reduced cost
  • Quick development
  • Easy integration with the cloud
  • Easier updates

The pricing is not much as per the packages from Brandstory. You can pick one that suits your budget. Each package has its specialties. So, feel free to choose one.