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Google algorithms follow the definition of a general algorithm, which is solving a problem in a finite number of steps. The complex Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Google algorithm decides which pages to show you and in what order amongst the millions of search results in the search engines. The algorithm works differently for every search but the few common elements of the algorithm that influences a few pages to appear as search engine results for specific keywords or search query

  • The appearance of the keyword in the page title, header and meta description
  • The quality of a content
  • The number of organic and naturally occurring links to the page from a trusted websites or trusted resource.
  • The UI and UX performance of the webpage on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones

How does Google algorithm work?

As the Google algorithm scans a web page, it assigns a pre-determined numerical value to each attribute it is looking on that page. This value is then added to the result, and the page that has the most attributes will feature on top of rankings.

These rankings are variable and change very quickly as developers manipulate the traits that influence the page rankings across the website. The top spots of the web page rankings are held by businesses that have SEO optimized sites.

SEO is the ideal way to tell the Google algorithm that a web page or website talks about the specific topic. Our professional SEO service company in Dubai can work with you to put a strategy in place for putting your web page in the top rankings to be found by Google algorithm.

How Google algorithm updates can impact your online presence

Google Panda is one of the biggest updates of Google algorithm. It evaluates the website based on its content. Pages with high-quality content fetch high rankings. Google Panda has no tolerance for untrustworthy and unhelpful content. Low-quality and duplicate content will also get passed off by the algorithm.

To make your website "Google Panda ready", you must overhaul the entire content' quality and keep it original.

Google Penguin update evaluates websites for their link profiles. It checks if bank links are contextually placed and come from trustworthy sources.

Dubious links from suspicious sources will tend to trigger off Penguin and negatively impact your page rankings. Other factors that trigger Penguin are buying links, low link quality, lack of diverse text,and keyword stuffing. To counter Google Penguin, you must remove all the bad backlinks from the website and correct the erroneous ones.

RankBrain is a machine learning artificial intelligence system by Google that is used to process search results. Through Rank Brain, Google algorithm sorts through billions of pages to find the ones most relevant to the particular query.

For RankBrain to produce effective results, Google feeds it data from various sources. The algorithm picks up the data, teaches itself and calculates multiple signals to match various results. These calculations influence search engine rankings (SERP) of the web pages.

Google recently introduced one of its largest search systems, BERT which is expected to impact organic rankings and about 10% of the search queries. BERT is a machine learning, natural language processing framework which can understand conversational search better.

It can understand the critical nuances of the search words to match the queries to the results better.

Impact of Bing or Google algorithm updates on digital marketing businesses

Google keeps changing its algorithms frequently and if companies do not keep up, it can significantly impact their webpage rankings in the following manner:

  • Impact volatility of webpage traffic
  • User behaviour in terms of conversion rates, time visited, and bounce rates
  • Revenue of the business as it can go from being on top of search results or not being featured at all.
  • Return on investment may get a severe hit if the cost of advertising goes high due to low performing pages. Without proper SEO practices in place, paid traffic maybe the only way for the customers to find you.

Our dubai seo company help you bounce back from Google Penalty

No one likes a Google penalty. Smart Google updates such as Panda and Penguin are algorithms or quality standards that Google expects the web pages to adhere to and rewards them for the same. A penalty is when your website is on the wrong side of these algorithms.

But do not panic. You can count our SEO company in Dubai us to offer you the best Google Penalty Recovery services. Our SEO services in Dubai help your webpage to navigate the complex Google landscape seamlessly.

Our seo company dubai weed out the duplicate content and re-index your site on Google. Our seo agency dubai will provide Panda and Penguin recovery solutions include preventing search engines from decreasing traffic to your site and increasing conversion rate. Our Penalty removal tools help to improve your website rankings considerably. Our seo experts have 5 years of experience in SEO Dubai perform backlink analysis, prevent over-optimization, and fix overstuffing of keywords to get back your website to the first form.

SEO Services in Dubai

Before we list out effective SEO strategies for your business, our SEO agencies in Dubai comprehensively understand your business. Being one of the best SEO companies in Dubai UAE, we dive deep into your products, business size, customer demographics, market space and current online presence.

Our first step towards making your web design SEO optimised is performing an initial website audit through keyword research. This involves scanning websites, identifying SEO issues, checking for broken links, finding broken links, checking page and domain authority, and assessing page errors and malware.

We understand that identification of keywords is the fundamental step of improving organic search rankings. Our dubai seo company will perform keyword selection depends on factors such as potential customers, competitors, and search volume.

Our SEO firms in Dubai can help optimize your websites through niche long-tail keywords. As the best seo company in dubai we will analyse all parts of your website such as site architecture, navigation, HTML tags, and identification of negative SEO features. Our on page seo optimization techniques include title and metadata optimization, Robots and Sitemap file creation, ensuring content quality through by removing duplicate content and keywords mapping. We realize the importance of third-party references to your website. Our off-page optimization strategies focus on implementing tools to measure quality and quantity of inbound links. We work on effective business listings, social bookmarking, backlink building and directory listings. Our technical optimization techniques aim at optimizing the website infrastructure by facilitating easy crawling, indexing, and access by search engines to your website. This is achieved through site speed optimization, scheme markup optimization, error resolution, W3C validation and AMP implementation.

Local search optimization or Local seo is the first step to ensure your business reaches regional markets. We ensure that the entries in Google My Business are accurate and up to date. Our seo consultants in Dubai provide services that include company details optimization, image optimization, services optimization, and product postings. Our team of SEO agency in Dubai will performs reporting services such as monthly audit report, Google analytics reports and keywords ranking reports help to evaluate the SEO efforts. We will then review the corrective steps, track their progress, and monitor results. Contact our seo account manager for seo packages in dubai

After effects of a Solid SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the most popular online marketing technique to get free, organic traffic to a website. SEO in dubai involves different strategies such as keyword use, content creation, link building and technical SEO. It takes several months to implement these strategies but the results from SEO will make the time spent worth it. The benefits of a concrete SEO strategy are:

I. Brings in Quality Traffic to the website

Search engine traffic is high-quality traffic as people on search engines are looking to solve a problem at hand. A SEO optimized website will automatically pull in traffic to your business without pushing our advertisements or forcefully persuading customers to buy. The SEO dubai industry is worth $65 billion and 2 billion people are online at a given time. This proves that search traffic is already interested in your business.

II. Creates User-friendly Websites

Initially, SEO was only about optimizing websites for search engines. But user experience is a vital part of current SEO strategies. Clean, uncluttered, and well-structured websites compel a visitor to stay longer on a page decreasing bounce rates and increasing page views. Highly relevant content that solves issues, answers questions keeps the readers happy.

III. Increases Leads and Sales

Even small businesses generate over $103,510 SEO revenue from just 5 months. Investing in a strong SEO strategy will pay good returns over a period. SEO traffic is more likely to convert than any other means of marketing as search traffic has the best conversions rates for most sites. More traffic means more leads and more leads guarantees more sales and a significant increase in the ROI.

IV. Reduce costs for paid advertising

IF your company has a strong SEO standing, it can cut down or even eliminate paid advertising. Through SEO dubai, website traffic can organically be driven without resorting to pay per click ads. A powerful SEO strategy helps businesses to cut back on advertising dollars and invest them in other essential areas.

V. Build brand awareness

SEO makes potential customers more informed. Customers use search engines to research. Their findings help them assess the options and make informed decisions. If your website gains high ranking through SEO, it attracts probable customers and educates them about your products and services.

VI. Build Trust and Credibility

People trust Google to find the information they need. Almost 40% of the clicks on search engines are on the first listing. Through SEO, your business can rank high on search engines, thereby building trust and credibility with your customers. This positively influences the purchasing decisions of the web visitors.

VII. Increase website referrals

Search engines are the main way to boost your website referrals and SEO strategy helps improve your website rankings in the search engines. A strong SEO presence also increases your web referrals literally. If they like what they see, the visitors are most likely to recommend your website to friends.

VIII. SEO is a measurable metric

With SEO, experts can measure the reason and source of conversions. The sources of organic traffic and progress of website rankings can also be assessed. There are also several tools to evaluate keywords that bring in the most clicks.

IX. Drive offline sales

These days, customers do research online even before buying physically from a store. SEO is a significant contributor to offline sales as people call the store or choose the product they want to buy if they are impressed with the online sales pitch.

X. Stay ahead of competition

It is no secret that your competitors are implementing SEO to grow. Over 60% of digital marketers feel that optimized website is their primary priority. The sure-fire way to bypass competition in today's digital marketplace is to have a sound SEO strategy.

Once a solid SEO strategy in place, websites rankings will improve through targeted keywords. Your brand will gain visibility and attract potential customers leading to conversions. Through SEO, your business will have a unique identity that will help to connect with the specific consumer demographic for your business.

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SEO FAQ's in 2020

What are the latest trends in 2020 SEO?

The domain of SEO keeps evolving with time. In 2020 keyword research has become more important than ever. From a Search Engine, Google has transformed into an answer engine for people. Taking this aspect into consideration, people need to upgrade their keyword research strategy. More focus on “topics” should be given, instead of direct “keywords,” as this will help people map their secondary keywords from a primary keyword seed.

The aspect of UX has also gained more prominence in SEO. The results of an SEO strategy is influenced by the overall experience from the initial interaction in the SERPs to the actual landing page experience. A more technical SEO ecosystem has come to being, which is fueled by JavaScript frameworks usage and PWAs.

Much like the previous years, Mobile SEO continues to be a trending topic. Nowadays, sites are even built for mobile-first, and then made compatible for desktop.

What is SEO and how it works?

SEO or search engine optimization involves the enhancement of web pages and their online profile to improve the ranking of the website in the Search Engine results pages (SERPS) for particular clusters of keyword phrases. This tool is used to get organic, or unpaid, traffic from the SERPS.

Search engines like Google deliver results to users based on the relevancy of what the person is looking for. To achieve this, the search engines crawl or scan diverse websites to understand what the search is about. This enables them to deliver relevant results to the ones searching for certain topics or keywords.

SEO focuses on making a site more friendly and trustworthy to the search engines, so that they guide the users towards it when a search is made on relevant keywords about the brand.

What is the difference between paid traffic and organic traffic?

Organic traffic basically comes from people searching for business links within the search engine results. The SEO strategy of a company influences its organic traffic. Paid traffic, on the other hand, is from visitors clicking on a link in a sponsored listing or advertisement that a company has paid for in order to make it appear at the top of search results.

What is an SEO example?

For example, you have a toy store and want your website to appear in the top results when someone searches for "toy shops in Dubai". This would enable you to get more leads from search engines, which would then result in superior sales and revenue. However, you would not be the only toy shop owner in Dubai who would desire for the same results. This is where SEO comes in. An SEO strategy involves diverse adjustments to the HTML of individual Web pages to acquire high SERPS ranking. As search engines also scan the text of the pages they index, an SEO professional would incorporate relevant keywords like 'toy shops' and 'Dubai' into the homepage of your website to help guide the search engine crawlers towards it. META tags for the pages shall also be added by these professionals, to boost your search engine ranking.

What is included in SEO?

The process of optimizing on-page SEO involves multiple elements, including:

  • Researching on the relevant keywords that have robust search volume
  • Making sure that the on-page content satisfies the search query and intent of the users.
  • Building internal links from page to page to develop a strong connection between diverse content.
  • Balancing various internal links with reputable and relevant outbound links.
  • Making sure that the content featured on a page is adequately structured and organized correctly for search engines.

Do I need an SEO agency?

SEO is an ongoing process that involves a whole-team with specialized skills and strong technical knowledge about the aspects of web development, design, content formation and digital marketing. While you may try to do SEO on your own if you operate in a niche market with limited competition, to be successful in this endeavor, you would require the assistance of a specialized service provider. Moreover, if you operate in an industry where the competition is intense, you would definitely need expert help to boost your SERPS rankings.

Can I choose SEO service for small scale businesses?

Yes. As a small scale business, you can definitely benefit by seeking out SEO services. These services can help you have a user-friendly, fast-loading and robust website that ranks higher on the search engines, which would invariably aid in attracting more qualified potential customers to your website, and ultimately boost your conversion rates. Expanding their market reach and attracting new customers often tends to be the biggest issue faced by any small scale business. By improving the SERPS ranking of your website, SEO services would help you surpass your competitions and gain new customers, as most people are more likely to trust a website that ranks high on Google.

How long does SEO take to give/deliver results?

A well thought out, and systematic SEO strategy is likely to take around 6-9 months to start working effectively and show noticeable results. There, however, might be exceptions. For example, if a website was already good, but needed some SEO improvements, then the brand may see results much faster. On the other hand, a brand having a new website in a competitive market may take a bit longer to have their pages secure a good ranking on the SERPS.

Can I stop SEO once I get a good position in SERP?

It is recommended that you do not stop SEO services after getting a good position in SERP. Search Engines like Google keep changing their search algorithm from time to time, and hence SEO services are required to keep your website up to date. Even if your website gains a good ranking, after some time you may also find a drop in its position, due to an increased competition, a manual action from Google, or an algorithm update. SEO strategies need to be updated with the evolution in market trends and scenarios. Hence, it is prudent to not stop SEO services even after getting the desired SERP ranking.

What are the benefits of choosing our SEO Company?

Our track record and well-defined methodology underline that we are among the most trusted SEO companies in the Middle East. We have a dedicated and experienced team who expertise in diverse aspects of SEO, and can help you to get:

  • Superior SERP ranking
  • Improved conversions and sales
  • Higher profits
  • More organic traffic
  • Enhanced brand recognition and reputation

We also aim at ensuring that our clients are able to avail the best value for their money, and hence offer our services at the most competitive pricing.

Why is SEO so expensive?

SEO can seem to be expensive at times, but it ultimately helps in fetching a lot more revenue. A lot of work goes into formulating a SEO strategy and executing it, and hence the prices of such services at times seem to be on the higher side. SEO is not as easy as changing a few random things in a website and getting results. A strong SEO strategy involves meticulous planning and research. It would include the review of the existing website, keyword research and integration, and improving the backend of the website.