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Brands Can Make A Create Awareness, Sales, Desires Out of Android App Development Dubai

About Brandstory

Brandstory is a company that transforms your fortune in the digital world. The enthusiastic services can create your brand's identity. It is the idea that defines your entire business by focusing on your products & services.

Our Android App Development Dubai aims to keep your popularity growing in the digital market. We do it by creating brand awareness, desire, and sales among potential clients.

How Many Android App Development Company In Dubai

Among the most competitive players of android app companies, Brandstory is one of them. A leading Android App Development Dubai Company holds all responsibilities.

Our company allows you to provide top-notch features within the app. So, hiring us as your default Android App Development Company in Dubai is a great deal.

Some Fact About Importance of Mobile App Development Company

Brandstory helps to create a major impact among all your existing and future customers. We are an Android App Development in Dubai that brings you ultimate opportunities. The business growth you seek can be easily achieved through this idea.

The following benefits are there lying within:

Users know about products, processes, and services

Acknowledging different information

Raise demand in real-time


Brandstory is one of the leading Android App Developers in Dubai. The top rank does not just fall into our grasp. Our experts and their expertise have earned it. Certain procedures help us to be successful. We fulfill our client's needs with the following protocols:


This is a 2D illustration of a page's interface. The focusing part of such a project is the content. We allocate and specialize functionalities using this method. Also, intended behaviors are there in the list of work.


Our developers prefer static designs to creating applications. This has many significant features. The procedures start with designing elements to their proper functioning.


Our Android App Development Company Dubai grants an interactive mockup of an android app. This holds screens, interfaces, and simulated functions. Of course, there are no working or final design elements.


It is the process of creating android software. The entire procedure involves a lot of steps. Our developers prefer developing android apps using Java, C++, and Kotlin languages. SDK is there to use for app creation.

Testing and Debugging

Our Android Application Development Dubai conducts a few testing and debugging tasks. Doing such work helps us to find breakpoints in both native code and Java.

App store launch

After the complete verification, Brandstory opts to launch your app on the Google Play Store. This is a feature that holds your popularity up to the mark and connects you with many audiences.

Delivery and Support

Among other Android Development Companies In Dubai, Brandstory holds some special responsibilities. We do provide the necessary support to your application even after the launch.


These are the verities that Brandstory prefers using. Apart from Android Application Development In Dubai, we do other kinds of app publishing. They are as follows:


This is a platform where Apple devices like iPhones and iPads are short-listed. We do create apps for these products. Your business also can reach this app development platform in Dubai.


It is the most popular platform available in the world. So, creating an app favorable to android OS is a great deal. We run the finest company of Android Mobile App Development Dubai


This is a technology that prefers the use of a mixture. Within this feature, our developers include web technologies and native APIs. They are operational simultaneously.


Flutter is a framework. It uses some useful tricks to improvise an app to perfection. Your organizations can get whatever you need from Brandstory. Our Android App Developers Dubai can also handle the development of your apps preferring the flutter framework.


This kind of feature is common these days. In Dubai, you must know how to grow your business. developing an app using cross-platform is the ideal deal. This platform helps to develop applications that are compatible with multiple mobile OS. You can have one of your own.

React Native App

Our developers can react to native apps. It is a sort of cross-platform native mobile app. The development framework comes from our developers. They prefer using React JavaScript Library to create their business software.


Brandstory's Android Development Services is going to give you the best experience ever. When it comes to seeking higher popularity and targeting a maximum audience, we are always at the top.

We develop apps for the following industries:


In Dubai, we provide a suitable and subtle opportunity for an Android App Development Startup. Your business is going to have the best experience using this app for sure.

Ecommerce App

Brandstory develops a top-notch Android Studio E Commerce App. This can happen to your business. To grow in this competitive market, you must have a solo app. Here is your opportunity to grab! You should hire us to get the most prominent app development services.


Many enterprises don't prefer any online activities. However, the time has come for you to overcome those barriers. We deliver up to the mark enterprise android app development for your enterprise. We do it as per your area of expertise, products, and services.


Salesforce android app development helps to develop apps for your businesses. With its use, we design, develop, conceptualize, and give rise to specialized applications for your company. The processes are quick, easy, and flaw-free.


We ensure your company's systems and servers. We do this with the use of Sap android app development. Our SAP developers handle everything that means to you inside the secured networks. We suggest using our SAP solution for your business or company.


Brandstory is also not keeping its steps behind. We are also a Sports App Development Company Dubai. We do such work for many organizations.


Brandstory has many current clients who prefer its developed apps for banks. We provide a great and beneficial deal in Dubai. So, you must take this opportunity to get the benefits out of it.

Custom Android App

Our company provides some wonderful Android Development Services within the custom android apps. A user can get benefits from our integration, migration, development, and maintenance services. These are key features and all can be yours.


Many educational institutes love to possess an android app for better management. In Dubai, we provide all such benefits by creating wonderful mobile apps.

Why Choose Brandstory Mobile App Development Company in Dubai?

Several Android Application Development Companies In Dubai are there. However, you must pick the one who satisfies all your requirements.

The name of Brandstory is going with pleasant app development procedures. Further support for an app is also a rare case. Can you get that feature here? Well, we discussed all the basic requirements for hiring us. The following points can clarify them well:

We develop the best and most well-optimized Android app

We satisfy our clients

We have a good Portfolio

We maintain Transparency

We allow for app testing

We deliver Maintenance and Support

We offer Budget-Friendly deals

Brandstory is a leading Android App Development Company In Dubai. This is something that you can't ignore. Our reputation suits our work as we satisfy all needs of our clients.

The Android App Developer Cost is not too much here. With optimistic services, you can retain your company's reputation and save your money as well.

Benefits of Mobile App Development Company

Brandstory is a great asset for Android App Development In Dubai. You must know what are the benefits of hiring us. Apart from getting higher popularity, your business can also earn the mentioned-below factors:

Build a Stronger Brand

Deliver More Value to Your Customers

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Join Your Customers Fast and Easy

Obtain Higher Customer Engagement Level

Possess a Competitive Edge in Your Niche

Exploit Social Media Channels

Develop a Personalized and Direct Marketing Channel

Our Complementing Services

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the answer to businesses shift from just "surviving" to "thriving". In today's world that breathes digital, digital marketing is an unquestionably essential for business growth. Our digital marketing website services caters to the increased online visibility demands your business to project itself, reach out to customers and compete in the digital marketplace.

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UI/UX Services

UI/UX are the primary drivers of the customers' decision to stay on or navigate off an app or website. We understand that user pleasure and satisfaction are the propellers of a business, the solutions to which are top-notch UI/UX design.

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Website Services

Your website is the window to your business offering. Be it static, or dynamic webpages, corporate, or e-commerce websites, we got you covered. Our high performing websites in terms of content and search engines rankings will convey your unique brand identity to your audience.


SEO Services

Our digital marketing agencies in Dubai will understand the importance of SEO and how it can directly influence the online visibility of your website. Our optimal SEO techniques bring in organic traffic to your website and increase leads significantly. We guarantee that your pages will fare on top amongst the search engine result pages.

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SMM services

Our website design and social media marketing services will work towards consistently elevating your brand image by highlighting your uniqueness. Your audience will clearly discern the potential, reliability and key features your product has to offer. Our social media campaigns target the right audience at the right time.

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Mobile Services

In today's today and age, a solution is not comprehensive if it is not mobile ready. Our mobile app development team incorporates state of the technology to make all your solutions accessible to your end users on the go. We believe that user research is the basis for creating an intelligent interface and great user experience.

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B2B Marketing Services

B2B marketing strategies to concentrate your resources and activities on the opportunities that provide the greatest return on effort and that match the goals of your business. We help identify and cement customer value, create relevant differentiation for your business and generate interest in your offerings.

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PPC Services

With our PPC ad campaigns, we increase the cyber footprint of our customers. Our PPC experts lay out a well-etched plan for implementation at the beginning of the campaign. The PPC ads will be designed to direct traffic towards specific keywords, and relevant landing pages.

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180+ Projects with numbers of satisfied client

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Our Valuable Clients

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An agency can provide you with better and more significant opportunities. This is because it has many experts and experienced developers. Also, exceptional services hold your reputation more than an android app developer freelancer.

Android apps prefer Java and a slight touch of Kotlin whenever necessary. The case of iOS apps is different. They require fewer writing codes to raise an iOS app. Our Outsourcing Android App Development can handle both as per your requirement.

Yes, Brandstory can shorten the market time by decreasing the project costs. This is what outsourcing android outsourcing mobile app development delivers. Also, it improves the quality of your product.

Brandstory works on your android app promotion by controlling App Store Optimization. Also, we raise brand awareness and conduct social media campaigns for further popularity.

Brandstory becomes the best because of its optimistic services. People love what they earn here. We develop a fabulous app that provides popularity and increases their sales. What else does your company need?

Several packages are there for the creation and maintenance of a mobile app. Brandstory gives you the chance to pick one as per your requirements.

Brandstory holds the top rank due to some upskills. The following features help you to find out why we are the best one:

  • Competence and Experience
  • Coding Standards
  • Better ROI
  • Portfolio
  • Smooth Communication
  • Customer Feedback
  • UX Capacity
  • Platform