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Web domain expertise

Domain knowledge is required to understand the processes, workings, and other key aspects of an enterprise and developing an optimal website that reflects the enterprise’s objectives.

Our web design company in Dubai has domain expertise in:

Banking and financial Domain- Our expertise in this sector consists of knowledge of operation of various banking segments and elements such as customers, sales, distribution, technology and processes.

Manufacturing and Industrial Sector -Our domain knowledge in manufacturing sector stems from our experience in dealing with manufacturing processes, operations, labour, machines and tools used.

E-commerce sector- Our expertise in this sector has contributed to knowledge of buying and selling goods online, and transfer of money in these transactions.

Telecommunications – Our domain knowledge in telecommunications include operations system support, business system support and protocols of routing.


Web development process at Brandstory encompasses:

Discussions - Our team works closely with the various departments in the organization to understand the brand and their core value.

Approvals -At each stage of the design and development of the website, approvals and feedback will be taken.

Incorporate vision - We will keep in mind the ultimate vision of your website development which reflects your values and identity of your brand.

Engagement Models – We mainly follow 2 types of Engagement models here at Brandstory. They are:

Fixed Price Model – The fixed price model is ideal for projects that have a clearly defined scope and requirements specification. The timeline and cost of project is fixed before the project begins. Predetermined budget and deliverables of the project ensures on-time and on-budget delivery. Fixed Price model works well for both small and big size projects.

Pay-Per Use Model – The Pay-per-use or Hourly Price Model is suitable for those projects that do not have a pre-defined scope and requirements. There is no fixed implementation plan and there are chances of frequent modifications. This model will work well for complex, dynamic projects that depends on external factors. The model offers flexibility in terms of cost and team contribution.

Website development company in dubai

Brandstory for Web Dev

Leave your website development to the experts at Brandstory. Our web development agency in Dubai has an elaborate development process ranging from ensuring that your website is user-friendly, compatible with all browsers, and search engine friendly.

At each step, our website development consultants keep in mind the primary goal of your website which is - Increasing visibility. Our website development company in Dubai works on the allotted schedule and your approval is sought for before each stage of development.

Mobile ready website

The bulk of users who visit the website attempt to access it on mobile devices. To this end, all our website frameworks are mobile friendly and dynamic.

Easy Navigation

The navigation facilities in our website design ensure that visitors can find what they are looking for effortlessly. They constitute well-laid home page with easy accessibility to the core pages.

Quick Load time

In this era of instant information access, our websites are designed to be performance ready, and ensure effective load time.

Analytics Included

All our website design includes in-built analytics and reporting. This enables to keep track of performance based on various indicators.

Browser Compatibility

Our websites can be accessed on multiple platforms such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices as they are compatible all popular web browsers across various operating systems.


Our design includes a sitemap which acts as a guide for users and search engines to gain access to all web pages in your website.

Brandstory: The right choice for Web Dev

Brandstory can be right choice for your company’s website development needs for the following reasons:

Attract the mobile traffic

All our website frameworks are mobile compatible. The users can have a great experience browsing on mobile devices without distortion or improper layout.

Quick Development at low cost

Our responsive and hands on web design and development ensures there are no delays in delivery and no over-shooting the budget.

Lower Maintenance

Our separate design teams for both mobile and desktop versions of the websites ensure that design layouts are optimal, and maintenance is very limited.

Fast loading pages

Considering the short attention span of online users, all our websites incorporate optimal design of content, images and videos that only takes a few seconds to load.

Lesser Bounce Rates

An optimized and responsive website guarantees the best user experience to the viewer. They are more likely to stay around on your web page reducing bounce rates significantly.

SEO Optimised

Our website design and development team focuses on quality content, useful backlinks, and other SEO optimized features that guarantee higher ranks in search engine results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Web development refers to all the activities associated with the development of a website to be hosted on the internet. The process of web development includes web page design, content development, client and server side scripting and managing network and security configurations. The front-end portion of the web development is what the user sees, interacts with and how a web page looks. The back end portion involves the portion that actually makes the website responsive. Websites can be static HTML sites or dynamic database driven website.

There are several tools available for web development but the most popular ones are:

Sublime Text

This is a top class code editor that has a very efficient user interface to work with. IT offers simultaneous editing capabilities and quick navigation features.

Chrome Tools

Google has built in Chrome developer tools through which you can edit your HTML or CSS code in real-time and debug your Javascript. Developers can access their application in depth.


jQuery is a small but fast cross-platform JavaScript library that simplifies the front-end process by supporting animations, plugins, and navigation.


This is an open-source web application framework by Google that can extend HTML syntax to make it more readable.

Web development services can help your business to foster communication between your existing and potential clients, sell your service or product, increase popularity of your brand, and generate sales leads.

People need to be aware of your company’s existence, your voice must be heard and your brand recognized. Developing and maintaining a website is the way to achieve this. You can get access to millions of people throughout the world.

Website development is a window to your offerings, the relevance of your business, and what are your USP’s. This information must be presented through high quality content and images will have a great influence on customers.

Once an idea is formed, website creation involves bringing the ideas to reality and finding the right audience for them. A website is created with the following steps:

Choose the Platform

The first step for creating a website is to choose the platform the website is going to be hosted upon. Developers take the help of content management systems or CMS to create a website from scratch. An user friendly CMS with the required functionality will be chosen to work on the desired platform.

Select Domain Name

The next step is choosing the name for your website which is its domain name. If the desired name is unavailable, you must choose a different name. The domain name must represent your brand.

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme is the fastest way to begin building a website. The theme will be a customizable template that can be personalized to the aesthetics of each organisation.


After the theme is installed, it can be customized with fonts, images, graphics, reflective of your brand.

Create Content

The final but most important step is creating high-quality content that resonates with your audience.

There is no one rule for the number of pages a website must have and it depends on the business and the message it wants to convey to its customers. Statistics say that companies with 50-100 pages on their website generate almost 50% more traffic than those with less pages. Although more pages in your website brings in more traffic, the site must have quality content to attract the best audience. For a small business, 51-100 pages in a website is a good number to begin with. The website must have more landing pages to fetch more conversions.

The basic principles to achieve an optimal website design are as follows:


Too many elements on a webpage may distract the reader from the main purpose of a website. Simplicity in design and navigation always makes the website more effective.


The design elements of the items on a website must be uniform and consistent. Fonts, headings, button styles and sizes must all be similar throughout. This is an indicator of a professional and well-designed website.


The text is the primary part of website design and it must be easy to read and comprehend for the visitors. Fonts must be neither too big nor too small and be of appropriate style and colour. The typeface combinations of headlines, body and buttons must be proper.

Web technologies that every developer must be familiar with are:


Browsers show the information to the viewer in a format they can understand. The commonly used browsers are Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla and Internet Explorer.


HTML is a markup language that provides the basic structure for the website to the browsers.


CSS or Cascading style sheets lets programmers choose fonts, colours, animations on the web to make it look good.

Programming Languages

Through programming languages, developers convey to the computers and tell them what to do. Commonly used programming languages are Java, Javascript, Python, Ruby, PHP and Ruby.