Why Brandstory for your PPC ?

With our Bing or Google PPC ad campaigns, we increase the cyber footprint of our customers. Our google adwords agency dubai experts lay out a well-etched plan for implementation at the beginning of the campaign. The Bing or Google pay per click ads will be designed to direct traffic towards specific keywords, and relevant landing pages.

Our PPC campaigns management guarantee instant traffic to your website. Our google adwords company in dubai constantly track campaigns so that they can be modified and customised depending on the results.

PPC Services

Increased ROI

Our pay per click services in dubai will help you to plan sand control your finances to stay within a budget, thereby improving your ROI.

Copyrighted Ads

With Ad copyright service, distinct customised ads can be designed for greater scope of success and faster growth.

Regular campaign management reports

Our PPC experts dubai will generate timely campaign reports that give our clients a clear picture of how to improve campaign performance.

Best Paid Traffic

We ensure that our ad campaign plans divert only the best of the paid traffic to your website.

Choosing the right PPC agency in dubai UAE

Choosing the right PPC company in Dubai UAE is crucial to ensure that your paid ads reach the right audience and get the desired results. The factors below set us apart and place us among the top 10 PPC companies in Dubai:


Our PPC agency in Dubai MENA has several years of experience in the online marketing space. We have records of successful google ad campaign launches that had increased sales for companies.

Integrated approach

We get the big picture. Our ppc advertising company in dubai will understand that successful campaigns are backed by unparalleled user experience. Our PPC consultants in Dubai design digital strategy that works towards achieving this end.

Robust and adaptable

Keeping in mind the ever-changing customer expectations, our campaigns from PPC agencies in dubai united arab emirated are designed to be robust enough to understand and gauge the complex customer journey.

ppc agency dubai

PPC Agency in Dubai

The first advantage of PPC Ad services is that you pay only for the ads that are clicked. There are no surprises. You only pay Google Ads for featuring your ads on top or on right of the search settings using google adwords.

With PPC ads, we can plan your finances way in advance. Our ppc company dubai MENA can control the expenses and set the budget according to your needs. You can keep track of your budget and plan your google adwords strategies.

We can target your PPC ads to place it the exact position you want it to be displayed based on the business keywords reseached from keyword planner. Our ppc advertising in dubai allows targeting precisely to particular demographics and keywords. Your ads will be displayed to the correct audience at the perfect time.

Google adwords pay per click ads take the shortest time to set up. It is the fastest search engine marketing channel to advertise and get instant results. Your ads can feature on the first page of search engine results within an hour or so and get conversions within a few weeks with the help of our ppc services dubai

Google Adwords Company in Dubai UAE

If you decide to go with Brandstory for your PPC needs, you will get the benefits of our professional ad campaign services such as:

Leverage on the huge number of online “searchers”

Did you know there are more than 2 billion people online searching for information online, 40,000 searches per second and number of searches has reached 3.5 billion a day. This means your business has millions of opportunities to be found on Google and other search engines and we help you leverage this with our ppc marketing dubai.

Immediate Visibility for your brand

PPC advertising in dubai is an ideal to give your audience the first look of your brand. Since your PPC ads will appear above the search engine results, this is first thing that the viewers will lay their eyes upon. And the first option converts better than the next one.

Our PPC campaigns pull in quality traffic

The best online traffic is the one on search engines because people are looking for a solution to a problem and they will not leave until they find it. Our google adwords company in dubai can pull traffic to your website and business through Google PPC ads like search advertising, display advertising, video advertising, shopping ads or mobile app advertising instead of pushing a product to consumers like traditional advertising.

PPC ads are more likely to convert

It is a proven fact that search advertising traffic is the most likely to convert than other sources of inbound traffic. Our team of google adwords management dubai will place the PPC ads are strategically positioned in search engine result pages to win maximum conversions.

Our PPC ads increases sales and ROI

Business owners love PPC ads because of its instant impact on revenue and turnover for any business. All the business must do it offer quality products or services and PPC ads will put it out for the world to see and convert into a sale.

PPC ad campaigns that are measurable

With Brandstory PPC Agency Dubai, the spend and the ROI is easily measurable. PPC ads, keywords, placement of ads, can be tracked and measured. This metric helps in identifying which component is driving the maximum return and help experts take informed decisions about googe adwords campaign management.

PPC ads have more scope

PPC advertising formats from Brandstory have more scope and options to generate better results than regular ad listings. The variety of options allow advertisers to add maximum value to the PPC ads such as installing extensions like site links, call tracking, message, rich snippet and even customer reviews.

PPC advertising is independent of Algorithm changes

PPC ads do not carry the risk of regular ad listings. Google pay per click ads are more dependent on numbers than changes in Google’s algorithm or the company website. The only factor to be considered in PPC is the amount spent for the campaign vs. the returns on investment received.

PPC ads can build SEO

Our ppc management services dubai can help build SEO for company’s marketing efforts through PPC ads. This is performed by identifying the search keywords that are most relevant to your business. These keywords are decided by their ability to bring in most conversions for your business.

PPC Ads Educate Customers

Our ppc advertising company dubai will build PPC ads campaigns that not only inform customers but also educate them. The results they find in their searches help them take informed decisions. PPC ad campaigns reached out to potential customers, educates them and gains their trust in your brand.

PPC ads that can drive Physical sales

Our ppc management services dubai believes that PPC ads can play key role not only in driving online but offline sales as well. If the customer likes what he sees, he will visit the physical location of the item at the store of the seller. Even if the transaction did not complete online, the purchase journey begins with the PPC ad.

Compete smartly with PPC

Although big businesses may be ready to sell out big amounts for pay per click ads, less popular businesses can still compete with them. You can use target niche keywords that are less popular being missed out by your competitors. Smarty strategy and critical thinking helps in ad design businesses to gain advantage over big competitors through google adwords management dubai

PPC ads give the real time picture

Advertisement in print or television media cannot be changed instantly if results are not seen. With PPC ads, results are seen in real-time and immediate adjustments can be made to the campaign if they are not satisfactory. This way losses can be cut-off right away and scope for conversions can be increased.

PPC ads are extremely targeted

As and advertiser, our PPC campaigns allow for very specific forms of targeting. Our ppc experts can target ads towards certain demographics, locations, or with only fixed keywords. Our ppc solution also target consumers based on their online interests and behaviours. PPC ads have the advantage of greater precision than the traditional marketing methods

Search Engine Marketing

In this techno-driven world, if you want to earn more traffic to your website along with boosting brand awareness then, Search Engine Marketing or SEM is one of the most effective ways to increase your brands' visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs), to promote your products, and to grow your business in this increasingly competitive online market place. SEM is also known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Services or Paid Search Advertising (PSA). Thus, we can say that SEM is a highly cost-effective way of marketing your business in less duration by using paid advertisements.

Video Ads

We all know that video is the king of marketing as it conveys a lot of information in a short time. It is an efficient channel of communication and an excellent way to inform and educate your target audience about your business brand. Videos play a significant role in making a more personal relationship and connecting with the viewer's emotions to your brand, product, or services. So if you want to tell your brands' story to your audience then, video advertising is better than any other format.

Facebook Advertising

We all are very well aware that more than 90% of people are active on social media. Thus, we help you to design campaigns with specific goals and objectives to target your audience based on their location, demographic, and profile information. Therefore, we help you to connect your businesses with the right people with Facebook marketing irrespective of the device they use.

Twitter Advertising

We all know that Twitter is the level up strategy and is the most impactful social media platform. Therefore, it is called the powerhouse of social media platforms. This paid advertising is the best place to target your audience based on their interest or location. The best part of promoting tweets is that each ad will support only a single tweet and, thus, you can customize your audience of each Ad.

Search Ads

Search Ads also are known as Paid Search Advertising, or Google Advertising, or Pay Per Click Advertising allows you to reach a more targeted audience. It is the best way to capture your intent. From search network ads, you will get the best return on investment (ROI) by focusing on searcher's intent about what they want to do or what they want to buy. The benefit of this is that businesses have to pay a small fee only when someone clicks on their ads.

ppc company
ppc company

Display Ads

As the name suggests, it is the appealing ad formats to engage your users. Display ads are the visual banner ads (text-based, image, or video advertisements) that will help you to promote your business. It is the best way to grab the attention of your audience from millions of websites, social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc. Gmail or using mobile devices and applications. If you want to make your business brand familiar and relevant to the people then, Display advertising is the most excellent way to target more number of audience, and you can benefit your business in the long run.

Shopping Ads

If you are an e-commerce company and want to drive more traffic and sales then, Shopping Ads will help more customers to find your products. You may know shopping ads as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), which deliver your user a strong sense of your products even before they click on your ads. Thus, these ads are great for e-commerce optimization and will give you more qualified and better quality leads.

ppc agency
ppc agencies

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing ads are the display ads and are the best way to target your audience who have already visited your website through some other acquisition channels. Or it is better to say that Remarketing Ads is an excellent way to retarget your audience or to connect with your visitors or peoples who have once shown interest in your product or services either through the website or mobile app.

Google Adwords Campaign Management Services in Dubai

If you are, planning to run a google ads campaign then, it is needed to know certain things about Google Campaign Management Process. We all know that it is not easy to manage any ads campaign as it is incredibly time-consuming and requires an ample amount of knowledge of advertising strategies. But at the same time, if you got success in making a more targeted and pocket-friendly campaign then, it's worth the investment.

Below are some of the key points and our process, necessary for successful campaign management.

1) Define Your Goals

The most important feature of successful campaign management is to set the right goals like whether you want to get website traffic, sales conversions, views on a video, or anything else, and the other thing is careful planning. Your entire campaign will depend on your goals like what you want to achieve, and how well you have planned to obtain them. Thus, you should be clear to define your goals and the metrics that you will use to measure goals.

2) Find the Best Target Keywords.

There is a crucial role of Keyword research to run ad campaigns as it affects various aspects of your campaign. Keyword research act as a fuel to your campaign strategy, and for that, there is a need for optimizing ad copy with keywords to ensure that your ad is shown for the right search queries.

Therefore, to select relevant keywords is very important. We use our keyword research tool that will help to find keywords in your niche.

3) Leverage Negative Keywords.

To select relevant keywords is necessary to show your ads on those particular keywords. Likewise, it is equally important to remove those keywords on which you don't want your ads to be displayed. Sometimes, your ads visible on those keywords that are not relevant for your business. Due to the overlapping of words, negative keywords potentially trigger your ads, but you don't want ads to appear on them.

The significance of using negative keywords is to avoid wasting money and to show your ads for relevant search queries.

4) Fine-tune Your Targeting

There are many targeting options provided by Google, to build any pay per click campaign such as search campaigns, display network campaigns, video campaigns, etc. While the search campaign focuses mainly on keyword and audience targeting, on the other hand, the display campaign will provide a lot of targeting options that include placement targeting.

There are many targeting options like placement targeting, audience targeting, contextual targeting, topic targeting, etc. but not every targeting is available for all types of campaigns.

5) To Select the Right Landing Pages

The main aim to design any ad campaign is to direct the users to another page and encourage them to take the desired action like to buy your product or service or to sign-up for something, to enroll for the course, or anything else.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the right landing page. When you create an ad campaign, it is essential to add the destination URL of the pages that you want your ads to direct your potential clients to.

We always direct prospects to pages that have high conversion rates and are more likely to gain more customers for your business because we don't want website traffic only, but our goal of advertising is conversions.

6) Create Multiple Ad Groups

To allow many opportunities for campaign optimization, we never run a campaign with a single ad group. Ad groups are more specific where you can target different types of segments with different messaging, keywords, and destination URLs.

Each ad group has multiple ads in it, that will create different variations and can be used later for A/B testing, which will help you to find which ad works best for you.

7) Optimize Your Ads

Once you decide your Google Ads objective, we plan our strategies accordingly like keywords targeting, landing page, etc. the next step is to optimize your ads (Title, Body, Call to Action) that will ultimately decide whether people will click on it or not. It is the reason to create ad copy to grab the audience's attention and get clicks.

8) Optimize Your Bids

A bid is the highest amount of money that you will pay for a single click. We find the right balance while setting your maximum bid that will be enough to let your ads display for high-ranking keywords.

We continuously keep an eye on ads and adjust bids based on which ads and keywords are performing well and which aren't.

9) Run a Remarketing Campaign.

We plan our campaign strategy by thinking far sight. Therefore, we design our campaign not by keeping only new customers in mind but also to retarget existing customers. Remarketing campaigns target different user groups and people based on their previous behavior and interests and those people who already know your brand, thus are more likely to convert the people into leads.

10) Track Your Conversions.

It doesn't matter how well you design your campaign until and unless you track its performance. We keep an eye keenly on the actual impact of your ads, which particular ads or ad groups are doing well, and how many conversions you are getting from the ad. We track conversions to improve your future PPC campaign management strategy.

11) Use A/B Testing.

Lastly, we test your ads and optimize them so that we will compare which ad worked better with your audience.

All our processes are customer-centric. Therefore we make sure we will implement the best strategy which improves performance and maintains the transparency in the process so that our clients will see, the results and they continue to plan Google ads campaign with us over months and years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Pay-Per-click is a digital advertising model in which the advertiser pays the publisher when his ad gets clicked. PPC ads normally feature in top search engines. There are various types pf PPC ads but the most common one is the paid search ad. These ads appear when users are performing commercial searches on Google. The other type of PPC ads are display advertising or banner ads. In pay-per-click advertising, businesses are charged for the ads only if the user clicks on it and hence the name “pay-per-click”. The decision of what ad is displayed is taken by the complex algorithms of the search engines.

Whether you are considering running ads in Google Ads or Bing Ads, PPC advertising is very effective and has compelling advantages such as: Provides quick set up and start-up of the campaign Results of the PPC ad campaign are measurable ad can be tracked. PPC ads work very well with other digital marketing channels as well. They provide a wealth of data to work with for future marketing strategies PPC ads have only had a positive impact on businesses. Without PPC ads, digital marketing remains incomplete and you lose out on precious traffic and revenue

The benefits of Pay-per-click campaigns are:

Diverts traffic to your website

If your PPC ad appears on the first page of the search engine results page, people will know you exist and will wish to know about your product and services by visiting your webpage.

Increases Sales

Online shoppers first research a product before they buy. If they see your PPC ad and are impressed with it, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Control Costs

Compared to other marketing techniques, PPC campaigns lets you pay depending on the ad’s outreach. You can always discontinue ads that are not performing.

Analyse Ads in real time

PPC ads allow you to analyse performance of the ads in real time through the click rate. With these metrics, you can tweak your ad and keywords and uplift your overall ad strategy

How to optimize a pay-per-click campaign?

It may appear simple but PPC ad campaigns require proper planning, strategizing, and regular monitoring. The following methods can optimize an underperforming as campaign:

Improve Quality Score

Quality score denotes the quality of keywords, landing pages and ads. If all these are relevant, users will enjoy a better search experience which will improve the click through rate.

Use only relevant keywords in ads

It is vital that the PPC ads only contain keywords that are relevant to the search terms used by the visitor.

Analyse Competitors

Identify your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses. This information can let you upgrade your PPC campaign and increase conversions.

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising is an advertising form where a set budget is allocated for running your ads on a given platform like Google. Payment is made depending on the number of clicks received. PPC works mainly through Google Ads. When someone clicks on your ads in Google, you must pay the CPC amount or the cost per click to Google. Google runs your ads until your funds last. Search ads are the most common forms of PPC ads. These ads are posted near the Google search results so that they immediately catch the eye of the user. You have to get your ad copy ready, select keywords and pay to set up a Search Ad campaign.

Pay-per-click ad campaigns are very important for a business because:

Cost effective

Since business only pay for the clicked ads, the spends are measurable and trackable. This helps to plan and stay within a budget for PPC ad campaigns.

Quickest way to target customers

The golden rule of digital marketing is to gain targeted traffic. Unlike SEO, PPC get this in quickly. You can choose what keywords you want to put in your ads and they will attract your target audience.

Best way to find if your product sells

run a PPC campaign on Google Adwords, get the targeted visitors in a jiffy and measure the results. This metric will tell you if your product is worthy of sale in the market.

The key difference between SEO and PPC is that the traffic coming in through SEO is organic and free while that from PPC is paid for, on the basis of cost per click.

With SEO, you can get the position in the first page only through search engine optimization. With PPC, you can get position in the first results page by paying more cost per click.

SEO works best to get traffic by hiring an SEO expert. But PPC depends on several other factors to work such as popularity of keywords, advertisers who use the keyword, and so on.

Overall SEO may get more traffic than PPC because if the keywords on your website have higher ranks, you will automatically get in traffic to your website without paying for those keywords.