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Brandstory is one of the best Magento Ecommerce company in Dubai UAE. We provide cost-effective web design and web development solution for enterprises, SMEs and Startups in GCC/UAE markets.

Magento Ecommerce Process

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Modify Your Functionality & Appearance Online with Magento Development Company Dubai

One of the most powerful e-commerce systems is called Magneto. It was constructed by its authors using technology that is freely available to the public. This provides the users of the platform the opportunity to modify the appearance, functionality, and content of their online store, all without affecting the quality of the shopping experience.

In addition to this, Magento provides its customers with a wide range of practical tools and functions. Tools for marketing and search engine optimization as well as catalog management are included here.

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In general, the platform is adaptable to the needs of any kind of shop. Because Magento provides a free version of Magento Open Source in addition to a paid version of Magento Commerce that is loaded with features. 

This e-commerce platform can scale and adapt along with your magneto development company Dubai needs, regardless of the number of clients you serve. As a rule, companies are forced to migrate to other platforms as their operations expand.

However, Magento makes it simple to remain in one area while still continuing to expand. Customers of the platform also have access to a wide selection of plug-ins and themes, allowing them to customize the appearance and functionality of their websites to meet their specific needs. Additionally, these may boost customer connections and the whole experience that customers have.

Our Process

Understanding your Business

Indeed, the first thing to do is to do a business analysis, since each person has their own unique tale. Who are your ideal clients, and which features and functions do you want your website to provide them? The very first thing that has to be done in order to improve Magneto's growth is to immerse oneself in learning about the magneto development agency and comprehending every aspect of it.

The more one understands the company, the better off they will be. Therefore, before beginning anything, one must have a profound understanding of the industry and thoroughly examine all of the benefits and drawbacks in order to create a very dependable website that is based on Magneto development Dubai.

UI UX Design

When it comes to user experience, getting rid of poor design decisions and optimizing your Magento shop based on client behavior are both essential steps. Although it's not easy, user experience design is hardly rocket science. You can really confirm any design choice by asking yourself a few basic questions to think about before making the decision.

Because, if you really give it some thought. The vast majority of the time, extensive A/B testing spanning many months is not required to discover that visitors despise having to pick numbers from a lengthy drop-down menu, as well as lengthy checkout forms and unpleasant popups.

Two-thirds of poor design decisions can be avoided entirely with only a little bit of common sense and expertise. Focus groups and in-depth analytics should only be used for problems that really need them.

To prepare for more difficult user experience difficulties, you should first address those that are simple, readily apparent and have a greater influence on your online shop.

Website Content Development

The offshore Magento web development company that you have chosen must make use of all cutting-edge technologies in order to get an advantage over their rivals. This will help them separate themselves apart from the other teams. Your programmers need to start from scratch in order to develop the code and then optimize it for use across several platforms and devices. 

The correct development of Magneto enables severe modifications to be made with a great deal of simplicity, which enables the outcomes to be both better and larger.

Delivery and Maintenance

Launching the site is not the end of the process of excellent Magneto developer Dubai; it is just the beginning. It encompasses the whole administration process, continuing long after the website has been published on the internet. 

Everything, from the appropriate adjustments to the user interface and user experience, is examined in great detail after going live. Nothing should fall short of the standard that was first promised. 

To effectively manage the functionality of a website that is built on Magneto requires both ongoing maintenance and the installation of necessary upgrades. The mandatory security check and back are both requirements.

Testing:Internal testing and testing to ensure the product is acceptable to end-users are two methods that might be used:

Internal evaluations: The tester on the development team will test each stage of the project based on the criteria outlined for the project as well as the accessible list of test cases maintained by the organization.

Testing based on acceptance from the users: You, as the owner of the site, will be the one to test the finished result. You are required to offer the development team feedback, which should include any issues or suggestions for improvements.

Our Magento Development Services in Dubai

Magento Installation & Configuration

This is a vital part of an eCommerce company. The finest Magento Installation & Configuration is right here. This agency delivers you some fabulous capability of appealing to new clients. Also, you have gained the liberty to deliver them an authentic shopping experience. 

Magento 2 Website Development

This firm grants the initiation of a high-rated Magento 2 Website Development. Yes, your company gets the liberty to run the business with promising success, higher user engagement, and an increase in the number of clients. The attractive website interface is the key to gaining all. 

Magento 2 Theme Development

Magento 2 Theme Development is a core element that keeps the rhythm consistent for the whole story. A consistent aesthetic and mood are something that can only be achieved. They are like custom designs, styles, templates, or image development. 

Magento Extension Development

The Magento Extension Development holds a complete package. It contains code responsible for creating certain specific functionality in Magento. It is from a technical perspective. Here, you will receive up-to-date technical support with the developmental program. 

Magento Migration

This is a phase of withdrawing all your data from Magento 1 to Magento 2. This Magento Migration is a service that completes the transferring of the entire design, database, Magento extensions, and custom functionalities. We do this with a certain level of technical skills. 

Magento Maintenance and Support Services

We ensure everything works well under the protocols of Magento. That's the primary motto of delivering up-to-date Magento Maintenance And Support Services. Here, we update your store and secure it with certain well-established optimization. 

Magento SEO

This is a phase of work that leads to the optimizing skills of our website that runs on Magento. Our company delivers services like technical SEO, keyword research, backlinks, etc. to the best Magento SEO tactics. Also, it boosts your website across different search engines. 

Magento PWA Development

This is a project that allows us to conduct the finest phases. Each work we do under the Magento PWA Development leads to the deployment and maintenance of a project. We use modern tools and libraries for making a huge impact on the building system and framework. 

Magento Ecommerce Solutions

Several Magento Ecommerce Solutions lead to a complete solution for your eCommerce website. This is built on open-source technology. Allocation of the Magento platform allows your website to have the flexibility for online merchants, an easier shopping cart system, and the functionality of the store. 

Magento Payment & Shipping integration

This is a kind of combo that the Magento system has introduced within an eCommerce website. The mechanism allows you swift payment services. Also, it holds the record of all shipping items in one place within the website. 

Magento API Development

This Magento API Development is a framework that allows developers and integrators the meaning of using web services. It helps our clients to communicate with the Magento system. Key features such as REST, GraphQL, and SOAP are there within this framework. 

List of Magento Websites Features

There are several uses for this technology

A user-friendly dashboard that is simple to navigate

Operating in a Safe and Secure Environment

Easy-to-find promotional products

Software that is freely available to the public

The community of Magento

Incomparable Powers

The capacity to do many tasks at once

Adaptability is the capacity to change one's mindset

Using a Smartphone or other Mobile Device

The Ease of Putting It into Practice

It's SEO-Friendly

Executives from a number of retail establishments

Excellent Tool for Promotional Purposes Maker

A better experience for the user

Industries We Served 


We provide assistance and solutions for your website using our knowledge to ensure that users can use the clinic and hospital amenities in a more timely and trouble-free manner respectively.


The collaboration at our eCommerce design firm in Bangalore is quite promising, and we are able to provide services to media enterprises located all over the globe, whether for paid advertising or for internet marketing alone. 


We assist new businesses in laying a solid basis for their operations, which allows them to expand their customer base and better market their offerings to existing and potential clients.

Banking Our secure eCommerce web development services in Bangalore assists industries and organizations to make their banking experiences easier and to have ease in controlling the many aspects of the website. Specifically, this pertains to the use of credit and debit cards.

E-commerce businesses may benefit from our Magento eCommerce web development company assistance by developing and creating a website that gives a positive impression of their brand and encourages a greater number of people to shop with them.

Why Choose Brandstory Magento Website Developers in Dubai for Your Projects?

Due to our many years of expertise as well as our stellar reputation, we have become the most reliable eCommerce design firm in Dubai.

Our clients have come to expect nothing less than the very best from us, and they continue to do business with us because of our commitment to honesty and openness.

We serve to audiences all over the world, and the specialists we employ have a wealth of expertise and are up to date on the most recent developments in technology.

We have a research staff that is up to any challenge, as it brings out our best. Customers from all over the world choose the bespoke web design methods that we provide, and we are considered to be among the most skilled Ecommerce developers in Dubai.

You will see that we are pretty flexible and that we prefer to serve our customers and establish successful relationships with them since we have rates and offers that are fair and inexpensive. This will help you realize that we are quite adaptable.

With the help of our e-commerce magneto website developers in Dubai, we are able to create applications that are compatible with mobile devices, hence providing our clients with a more pleasant shopping experience.

Because we are the leading eCommerce website development business in Dubai, our methods are entirely distinct from those used by our rivals; as a result, we stand apart from them and are now in a position of superiority.

Our Wordpress Development Services in Dubai

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Domain Registration

We also provide domain with most annual affordable prices with extensions like .com, .in,, etc.

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Website Designing

To enhance the growth of the business, an online presence is a must, and for that, you must have an eye-catching website, which our expert team of website designers can provide.

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Web Hosting

Web hosting is a unique service that we provide, and over the years, our team has gain experience due to the evolving online world. The experiences help us to cater to the needs of our client.

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Google SEO

With the help of our most cost-effective SEO services, you can enhance the presence of your company in the online world.

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Website Maintenance

We provide the service of regular updating of your website, which will give you the edge over other players and allow you to remain on the top rank online. Our services will come at an affordable cost so that your annual budget is not disturbed.

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E-Commerce Solution

We also create self-adaptable e-commerce platforms for our client for marketing their products and services.

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Web Portal Development

The world of the internet has made it possible for businesses present all over the world to collaborate with each other and perform the tasks in much more effective ways.

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Content Management Based Websites

We render you the access to our web server with your unique login id, with the help of which you can self-update the content on your website with easy navigation and don't have to wait for anybody else.

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Magento developers are in response to building, maintaining, and upgrading their customers' eCommerce websites. Their obligation is significant, since most of the time, Magento websites produce a lot of income.

The Integrating Magneto has many benefits. the following points state about them very well:

  • Obtain a competitive advantage
  • Enhance demand and supply chain
  • Minimize losses
  • Improve sales team performance
  • Salesforce
  • Reporting and forecast
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM

You must seek some key points while picking a Magento Website Development company in Dubai, UAE. Yes, a company that follows the mentioned points can handle your task so easily:

  • A company with excellent track record

  • Great services in technical prowess 

  • Proper Magento hosting


  • Marketing Services

The company provides its support to the agency till the time of your contract expiress. Also, you can proceed for further developmental support by renewing the service duration. This agency is always there with you to produce the best for your business’s growth.

All the efforts and results depend on the development work. However, we claim to deliver up-to-the-mark services with assured results. The time limit is from 20 to 900 hours. Yes, this duration is enough to put your website in a successful state.

Magento's mobile app builder turns your e-commerce website into an app that can be downloaded from the app store for Android or iOS.

This may begin at a yearly rate of around $22,000 and grow all the way up to $125,000.

Make use of a Content Delivery Network, often known as a CDN. Transfer your website to a more reputable hosting service. Reduce the file sizes of the photographs that are hosted on your website.

Data migration is the sole option if we're talking about moving from WordPress to Magento. Creating a new Magento theme from start is the only option to migrate your WordPress site's design and theme to Magento since there is no direct way to do so.