The Most Important Elements of A Website Design

January 2,2022

Written By @Brandstory

In UAE, 99% of the population belongs to the active internet users category. A website is the face of your business in the online world. It is a portal on which you narrate your story, introduce your brand values and engage with a diverse target audience. Look for an experienced web design company who can help bring your vision to life with design elements.

Here are some statistics which stress on the importance of web design and development services:

  • According to a study, The Effect of Aesthetics on Web Credibility, 94% of the first impressions are design related.
  • HubSpot found that 90% of people would leave a website owing to its bad designing.
  • The same report states 93% of people leave a website because it did not load properly on their devices.

These numbers are proof that a mere website does not help a business; it is a well designed website which attracts and also engages customers.

Here are top web design elements which can help your business grow.


Minimalistic designs are the need of the hour. It involves using the right mix of design elements like images, text and white spaces. With the use of clean designs, you can attract and guide the attention of the visitors to areas that are most impactful.

A website design company can help your business with an aesthetically pleasing yet informative website with a high recall value among visitors.

Responsive Design

As mentioned earlier, people will immediately leave your website if it fails to render effectively on a device of their choice. A bottom-up approach helps designers identify the bare minimum necessities required for a website to function effectively on the smallest of screens - say a mobile phone, and then keep building upon that.

It is important to understand the nuances of different devices and browsers and create consistent design patterns across platforms.

Large Banners

The area above the fold is the prime real estate when it comes to websites. Large banners with a custom illustration or text in boldface or a larger font size above the fold, especially the top left corner, attracts the most attention. A clear call of action on this banner is more likely to get a response compared to other CTAs.

Banners are one of the trending and top web design elements when it comes to websites. You could implement variations, make it a static or scrolling set of headers for maximum engagement.

User Experience

UX - User Experience has taken center stage in recent years. The focus has shifted on to the user end; goals and strategies are woven around end user requirements. UX is all about making the experience of a user as pleasant as possible when interacting with a website.

The flow of content on the website should be easy to understand. If the user is looking for contact information, they should not have to navigate through 10 different screens to access basic information. Seek web design and development services from an experienced company for a website backed by UX design principles.


A study by the Missouri University of S&T found people spend about 5.59 seconds reading content on a website’s homepage. In website design, this implies that your content should be short, crisp and to the point.

Use headlines and lists to convey the most in the least amount of words. The required content should be available with easy navigation, but the homepage should be clutter-free. Integrate short videos as visitors find watching content easier than reading.

Clear Call to Action

The ultimate goal of a website is consumer conversion. A non-ambiguous, distinct call to action is essential to elicit a response from the visitor and motivate them to interact with the business. The design and positioning of a clear call to action button determine its usage.

Do not bury the button in a sea of designs, use whitespace to highlight, position it in areas which receive the most attention from the users.

In conclusion, the minimalistic design approach is a huge hit amongst developers and users alike. For your business to differentiate itself from the competition, your website should not only be visually appealing but also be technically capable of meeting user expectations when it comes to navigation, functionality, speed and other metrics.

Consult a web design company today and take the first step towards building your brand image online.