How UI and UX Design Affects Your Digital Marketing Strategy

January 2,2022

Written By @Brandstory

Importance of UI/UX Design Services

The digital marketing strategy of a company is not impacted only by organic and paid media approaches. Most often, the importance of the company website is overlooked, and how it impacts the performance, leads generation and brand awareness. A company with great link building and targeting approaches can lose valuable leads if its website is not optimized. Optimized UI/UX design for websites can improve digital marketing returns, brand image and user experience.

UI Design

UI consists of all the external elements of an interface, the fonts, colours, set of functions and design elements. The user interacts with the interface through the UI elements.

From the digital marketing perspective, UI design must serve as a marketing hook that attracts the visitor and retains him on the page with sustained interest.

UI Design Impact on Digital Marketing

Colours - Colours on the user interface has a direct impact on digital marketing. Colour combinations help viewers form associations and develop a sense of familiarity with a brand. Standard colours across web pages and sections symbolize the brand value.

Fonts - Fonts too have a distinct psychological impact on viewers. Randomly chosen fonts give a bad first impression of the interface. Fonts of the right size and style improve the clarity and perception of the interface or website.

Videos - Videos are currently a very strong digital marketing tool. Videos help increase conversion, enhance user engagement, and positively impact consumer behaviour.

Navigation - The navigation element of UI ensures logical structuring of the website. Users must be able to effortlessly cruise through the pages to find out what they are looking for. Navigation has a direct connection with digital marketing as it attracts the users, leads them to the right spot and necessary functions.

Backlinks - Backlinks present on your website is an indicator of the reliability of your website, especially from the search engines’ point of view. The more backlinks you have, the more users know your brand and begin to consider your website reliable.

UI Design

UX design includes the techniques that can create products that can offer relevant and meaningful user experience to the users. A good UX design must ensure that a visitor to a website gets the information he is looking for in the minimum possible clicks.

From a digital marketing viewpoint, UX design must aim to connect with the user and convert on every page as quickly as possible. UX design involves the optimization of the website with easy access to relevant information after an understanding of what the users want.

UX Design Impact on Digital Marketing


47% of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds, the maximum limit being 5 seconds. This shows that digital marketing strategy is directly related to the site load speed component of UX design. If site speed is good, it enhances user experience and improves customer loyalty.

Mobile Experience

A website that is not mobile-friendly is considered outdated in the current digital marketing world. However advanced the marketing strategy, a non-mobile compliant site kills it. While considering each marketing step, digital marketers must keep in mind compliance with mobile devices to improve accessibility and widen the reach of their product.


Content of a website or an app is another pillar of user experience. Users are always looking for new, high-quality content from the brands that they are interested in and wish to buy it. Content marketing, which is creating, developing, and delivering content, is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy. The written word sells the best, and it is the voice of your brand. It can convince the users that your product can meet and exceed their expectations. Crisp and relevant content fosters and maintains a long-term relationship with your customers. Your content must also be optimized for SEO for your users to find you online.

Customer Experience

The ultimate goal of UI/UX in digital marketing is to enhance the customer experience. The user experience transforms into a customer experience the moment he performs an action on the website, such as making a purchase, subscribing for a newsletter or ordering delivery. Only if the optimal customer experience is achieved will all other components of digital marketing strategy work. Your brand will begin to create a buzz as your customers will begin to talk about your product, mention it on social media and so on. Every element of UI/UX design has a strong and direct impact on your marketing strategies and the perception of your brand.