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Our SEO Process at Brandstory

The function of an SEO audit is to identify the issues affecting the performance of your website. With our audit's help, we will help you fix your issues and select the strategy to enhance your business.

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Competitive analysis helps us to evaluate the top-ranking website, including the use of certain keywords. It helps us to get a panoramic view of your competition and where are your opportunities lies.

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For anything to work seamlessly, it must be properly tuned. With the help of a technical SEO audit, we identify the bottlenecks in your site's performance and streamline it.

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To engage more traffic to your site, it should have a healthy on-page SEO approach. We make sure that the right amount of appealing content is available for potential customers through our services.

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The tremendous significance of being online is that it gives you a global reach, but it is not easy as you will face stiff competition. Our expert team will create a website that will be preferred by all global search engines.

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To create a robust business, you need to have links in the industry that help in growth. We will help you build relevant links and content to help you strategize and build a formidable reputation for your business online.

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SEO Agency in Hawally

The digital landscape is continuously changing making it difficult for businesses to get to the top of SERPs. Brandstory is a leading white hat SEO company in Hawally offering organic search results that are trusted by customers more than paid ads. Our SEO services in Hawally are aimed at improving your brand awareness with higher traffic and conversions. We will ensure that your website is getting enough attention locally and nationally. With our SEO services, your brand will get long-term organic SEO results.

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Our SEO Process at Brandstory

Understanding Your Business

Your business is the foundation of our SEO services. We will analyze your business objectives, target market, and niche. Moreover, we will optimize all aspects of your business to ensure a smooth SEO performance.

Competitor Analysis

We will identify your rivals in the industry and perform in-depth research of their marketing strategies. From understanding your competitor's strengths and weaknesses to analyzing their SEO strategy, we do it all to give you a competitive edge over others.

Keyword Research

We will find and analyze relevant search terms that users enter into search engines to look for products and services. Our keyword research includes six steps - site review, niche review, competitor review, segmentation, reporting, and consultation. We will use keyword research to create a well-informed SEO foundation for your business.

Optimizing Your Target Audience

It is essential to understand which target market you are going to cover. As the top SEO company in Hawally, we will identify and optimize your target audience to prevent lead losses or low conversions. We will create content, product descriptions, and keyword strategies that directly connect to your audience. Moreover, we will take into consideration whether you will sell locally, nationally, or internationally.

On-page SEO Optimization

On-page SEO services will optimize your website pages to enable search engines to crawl and index them easily. From local SEO audits to local listing management, our SEO services cover it all.

Off-page SEO optimization

Off-page SEO services refer to marketing actions taken outside of your company's website to boost rankings within SERPs. These off-site SEO efforts link to your website and promote it. We will strengthen and monitor your site's backlink profile, conduct an SEO audit, and vouch for your content quality.

Technical SEO

Our technical SEO services will eliminate common errors within your website that can negatively impact your search engine rankings. Our SEO experts can handle all technical SEO issues like website programming, site navigation, internal linking, and page load speed.

Landing Page Optimization

It won't matter how impressive your landing page is if no user sticks around to read the content. If your landing page takes time to load, potential visitors will get impatient and move on to the next alternative.

Google Penalty Recovery

As the best SEO agency in dubai, we understand the consequences of Google's penalties. Our SEO strategies align with the Panda and Penguin Google algorithm updates.

Google My Business Optimization

We will set your Google My Business profile and update all business information like business name, website URL, phone number, location, reviews, and chat functionality.

Types of SEO offered by the #1 SEO Company

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Local SEO

  • If your business has both a physical and online presence, you can benefit greatly from local SEO. Our local SEO services will ensure that your website is more visible in Google's local search results. You will drive your organic traffic to your brick-and-mortar store via online leads. Moreover, since these people are specifically looking for products and services that your brand offers, the conversion rate is going to be quite high.
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National SEO

  • If you want to serve beyond your local geographical area, our national SEO services will give you a competitive edge in SERPs. We will use broad search terms that will connect you to customers across the entire nation.
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eCommerce SEO

  • SEO is crucial to the success of eCommerce websites. Our SEO experts will boost your organic traffic and improve your site's ranking in SERPs. We will optimize your product pages, descriptions, and website to generate more conversions.
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App Store Optimization

  • App Store Optimization is important for mobile apps just like how search engine optimization is important for websites. We will ensure that your app gets a higher ranking in major app stores to boost the chances of downloads.

Why Hire Us as Your SEO Expert

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SEO Consulting

At Brandstory, we understand that getting a competitive edge in the present digital landscape requires a lot of effort and research. As the best SEO service company in Hawally, we offer SEO consulting services to help businesses get to the top of their game!

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Dedicated Account Manager

We will appoint a dedicated account manager to handle all your SEO efforts.

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CRM Integration

As the leading SEO service provider in Hawally, we will integrate your third-party applications with your CRM software.

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Real-Time Tracking

We track our SEO performance in real-time to locate and act on any inconvenience.

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Guaranteed Result

With the latest analytics metrics, best SEO tools, and real-time tracking, we offer guaranteed SEO results to our clients.

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Benefits of SEO

  • SEO strategies when incorporated rightly can target quality website traffic while boosting organic visibility.
  • You will get impressive ROI out of your SEO strategies. Moreover, you don't need to pay extra as in the case of paid ads.
  • Your website and landing pages will also get more click-through rates.
  • You can easily transform more visitors into paying customers. SEO Packages and Reporting

SEO Packages and Reporting

  • At Brandstory, we recognize the different budgets, target audiences, industries, and objectives of different businesses. From eCommerce SEO to Basic SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO, National SEO, and International SEO, we have curated various custom SEO packages for your business.
  • Moreover, being the #1 SEO company in Hawally, we deliver weekly, 15 days, and monthly tracking and reporting to our clients for better conversions. Our SEO performance tracking reports include conversion reports, audit reports, website analytics reports, and keyword ranking reports.
  • Get in touch today to know more about our custom SEO packages.
SEO Company in Hawally

Our seo agencies in dubai provide reports such as monthly site audit report, Google analytics website traffic reports and keywords ranking reports which helps to evaluate our SEO efforts. Our SEO experts will then review the corrective steps, track their progress, and monitor results based on that we will create the next action plans.