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Our SEO Process at Brandstory

The function of an SEO audit is to identify the issues affecting the performance of your website. With our audit's help, we will help you fix your issues and select the strategy to enhance your business.

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Competitive analysis helps us to evaluate the top-ranking website, including the use of certain keywords. It helps us to get a panoramic view of your competition and where are your opportunities lies.

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For anything to work seamlessly, it must be properly tuned. With the help of a technical SEO audit, we identify the bottlenecks in your site's performance and streamline it.

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To engage more traffic to your site, it should have a healthy on-page SEO approach. We make sure that the right amount of appealing content is available for potential customers through our services.

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The tremendous significance of being online is that it gives you a global reach, but it is not easy as you will face stiff competition. Our expert team will create a website that will be preferred by all global search engines.

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To create a robust business, you need to have links in the industry that help in growth. We will help you build relevant links and content to help you strategize and build a formidable reputation for your business online.

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SEO Agency in Abu Dhabi

Google Panda is one of the biggest updates of Google algorithm. It evaluates the website based on its content. Pages with high-quality content fetch high rankings. Google Panda has no tolerance for untrustworthy and unhelpful content. Low-quality and duplicate content will also get passed off by the algorithm.

To make your website “Google Panda ready”, you must overhaul the entire content’ quality and keep it original.

Google Penguin update evaluates websites for their link profiles. It checks if bank links are contextually placed and come from trustworthy sources.

Dubious links from suspicious sources will tend to trigger off Penguin and negatively impact your page rankings.

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Other factors that trigger Penguin are buying links, low link quality, lack of diverse text,and keyword stuffing. To counter Google Penguin, you must remove all the bad backlinks from the website and correct the erroneous ones.

For RankBrain to produce effective results, Google feeds it data from various sources. The algorithm picks up the data, teaches itself and calculates multiple signals to match various results. These calculations influence search engine rankings (SERP) of the web pages.

Google recently introduced one of its largest search systems, BERT which is expected to impact organic rankings and about 10% of the search queries. BERT is a machine learning, natural language processing framework which can understand conversational search better.

It can understand the critical nuances of the search words to match the queries to the results better. Optimizing for google all google algorithms is the biggest challenge for all digital agency Dubai.

Impact of Bing or Google algorithm updates on digital marketing businesses

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Google keeps changing its algorithms frequently and if companies do not keep up, it can significantly impact their webpage rankings in the following manner:

  • Impact volatility of webpage traffic
  • User behaviour in terms of conversion rates, time visited, and bounce rates
  • Revenue of the business as it can go from being on top of search results or not being featured at all.
  • Return on investment may get a severe hit if the cost of advertising goes high due to low performing pages. Without proper SEO practices in place, paid traffic maybe the only way for the customers to find you.

SEO Services in Abu Dhabi

No one likes a Google penalty. Smart Google updates such as Panda and Penguin are algorithms or quality standards that Google expects the web pages to adhere to and rewards them for the same. A penalty is when your website is on the wrong side of these algorithms.

But do not panic. You can count our SEO company in Abu Dhabi us to offer you the best Google Penalty Recovery services. Our SEO services in Abu Dhabi help your webpage to navigate the complex Google landscape seamlessly.

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top digital marketing agency

  • As a top digital marketing agency, we offers the best seo services in Abu Dhabi for all class business like small scale business, large scale businesses and medium scale business organizations. Our SEO service providers in Abu Dhabi weed out the duplicate content and re-index your site on Google.
  • Our Panda and Penguin recovery solutions include preventing search engines from decreasing traffic to your site and increasing conversion rate. Our Penalty removal tools help to improve your website rankings considerably. Our experts at SEO Abu Dhabi perform backlink analysis, prevent over-optimization, and fix overstuffing of keywords to get back your website to the first form.
  • Before we list out effective SEO strategies for your business, our seo services in Dubai comprehensively understand your business. Being one of the best SEO companies in Abu Dhabi UAE, we dive deep into your products, business size, customer demographics, market space and current online presence.
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improving organic search rankings

  • Our first step towards making your website SEO optimised is performing an initial site audit. This involves scanning websites, identifying SEO issues, checking for broken links, finding duplicate links, checking page and domain authority, and assessing page errors and malware.
  • Our SEO services company in Abu Dhabi can understand that identification of keywords is the fundamental step of improving organic search rankings. Our digital marketing experts will perform keyword selection depends on factors such as potential customers, competitors, and search volume.
  • Our SEO firms in Abu Dhabi can help optimize your websites through niche long-tail keywords. We analyse all parts of your website such as site architecture, competitor analysis, malware analysis, website scores, navigation, HTML tags, and identification of more negative SEO features.
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ensuring content quality

  • Our On-Page optimization techniques include title and Meta tag optimization, canonical tag optimization, Robots file creation and Sitemap file creation & submission, ensuring content quality through by removing duplicate content, keywords mapping, header tag optimization, alt tag optimization, image optimization, internal linking.
  • We realize the importance of third-party references to your website.
  • Our SEO consultants in Abu Dhabi will perform off-page optimization strategies focus on implementing tools to measure quality and quantity of inbound links.
  • Our SEO agency in Abu Dhabi teams will work on effective business listings, social bookmarking, article submission, web 2.0 submission, classified submission, backlink profile building, directory listings, forum posting, Q&A submission and more.
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optimizing website infrastructure

  • Our technical optimization techniques aim at optimizing the website infrastructure by facilitating easy crawling, indexing, and access by search engines to your website. This is achieved through site speed optimization, scheme markup optimization or structured data implementation, error resolution, W3C validation and AMP implementation.
  • Local search optimization is the first step to ensure your business reaches regional markets. Our SEO experts in Abu Dhabi will ensure that the entries in Google My Business are accurate and up to date.
  • Our SEO Services Company in Abu Dhabi provide services that include company details optimizations like business name optimization, address optimization, business phone number optimization, NAP optimization, image optimization, services optimization, product postings, event postings and more.

Our seo agencies in Dubai provide reports such as monthly site audit report, Google analytics website traffic reports and keywords ranking reports which helps to evaluate our SEO efforts. Our SEO experts will then review the corrective steps, track their progress, and monitor results based on that we will create the next action plans.


Yes, The purpose of Landing Page Optimization is to ensure that when people search for those keywords, your site is one of the first results they see. Our team works on optimizing your landing pages to ensure that the right visitors are seeing your content. Our specialists will help you to identify and target the right keywords, craft an effective message, and create a user-friendly layout. We use the latest techniques to improve page speed, load times, and overall user experience.

Yes, App Store Optimization is a process to improve your search ranking in App Stores. The more visibility you have in the app stores, the better chance you have at being downloaded, which means that you'll be able to increase revenue for each download. Our team will work with you to understand your users and craft an effective message that resonates with them. We also optimize your app listing to ensure that you're reaching the right people.

GSC is your ideal choice for superior SEO marketing strategies and implementation among the many SEO Companies in Abu Dhabi for any sized business and organization. We cater to the unique needs of every client and provide them with the best possible packages based on the projects and provide reports and analysis that is transparent, concise, and actionable.

GSC has 8 years of experience as a leading SEO agency in Abu Dhabi and it shows in all facets of our online marketing campaigns. We help visibly increase your website’s online presence through comprehensive and effective SEO strategies.

Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your desired results and we take great pride in our highly effective and data-reliant reporting methods. You will be able to see the progress of your website and campaign regularly. Additionally, we are adaptive and can make changes and optimizations along the way as needed. We are the model brand when it comes to services for SEO Abu Dhabi.

We regularly make analyzed and data-driven reports on the progress of your website, including website audits, keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. We also offer a detailed consultation to help you understand what we found and what our recommendations are. Our reports and compiled and presented with simplicity and clarity in mind.

There are two types of search engine results: paid and organic. Paid results are the ads that show at the top and to the right of the organic results. These are also known as sponsored links or paid inclusion. Organic results are the unpaid, natural listings that come from a search engine’s algorithm.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of driving traffic from the "free, searchable web" to a website by increasing its visibility in unpaid ("organic") search results. Social media marketing is the process of using social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, to drive traffic to a website.

Small businesses can certainly benefit from SEO services, but the owner should have a good grasp of their business and marketing goals before getting started. Small business owners will likely need to invest time in learning about SEO best practices and integrating them into their site or sites.

There are a few different types of SEO plans that vary in price and services offered. The most common SEO plans are:

  • Silver Packages
  • Gold Packages
  • Diamond Packages

There is no way to know definitively how many form fill-ups or sales will be generated from SEO. However, by optimizing a website for search engines and improving its visibility, it is likely that organic traffic will increase and leads will be generated as a result.

Once a website has reached the first page of search engine results, it is important to maintain SEO efforts in order to maintain its position. If SEO services are discontinued, there is a risk that the website will slip down the rankings and visibility will be reduced. It is therefore important to have an ongoing SEO campaign in order to achieve and maintain desired results.

SEO services are important for a business of any size that wants to increase traffic to its website. Paid search results are the ads that show at the top and to the right of organic results. Businesses are able to show their website very quickly in search results, and SEO companies work with site owners to help the sites rank higher so that they can receive more traffic from the organic listings. A good SEO campaign will increase organic traffic, leads, and sales by improving visibility in organic search results.

SEO is not a waste of money. SEO is the process of improving visibility in search results which do require an investment but can lead to more traffic and sales over time. Paid search results are the ads that show at the top and to the right of organic results in order to increase visibility and traffic quickly. SEO is a long-term investment that can lead to more website visitors over time as websites rank higher in search engine results pages.

SEO is important for any business with a website because it leads to increased traffic and visibility. An SEO plan is essential as most prospects start their search on Google or another search engine. By ranking higher in search engine results pages, businesses can bypass paid search and receive more website visitors for free. Without SEO, most businesses will struggle if you do not have a presence in those search results, you will be missing out on significant traffic.