Corporate Video Production Company in Abu Dhabi

Are you looking for a way to enhance your brand image and effectively promote your products or services? Look no further than BrandStory, the premier corporate video production company in Abu Dhabi. With many years of experience in content creation and video production, our team provides top-notch services to businesses, individual clients, and startups.

At BrandStory, we understand the importance of positive interactions with your clients and creating likable content with a stand-out personality. Trust us to create interactive & impressive videos that set your brand apart.

What is Corporate Video Production?

Corporate video production is when a business makes a movie for internal use (like onboarding, recruiting, or training) or external use (like a case study, an ad, or a product demo) to market itself. We provide comprehensive corporate video production in Abu Dhabi to satisfy your requirements. Build Your Brand Awareness with Us!

Our Corporate Video Production Services in Abu Dhabi

Promotional Videos

Promo videos are a great way to reach a group and get their attention right away. Our services for making promotional videos will ensure your business and products look their best. We have made effective promotional movies for clients with different business goals.

Training Videos

Our corporate video production services in Abu Dhabi‘s team turn dry and boring material into interesting videos that simplify training and learning. Such corporate training movies help people better understand and remember what they've learned. And we help you do that very easily.

Testimonial Videos

BrandStory puts a lot of care into making testimonial video services that are real and strong enough to reach the marketing goals that were set. From a marketing point of view, we do our best to come up with strategy-based custom recommendations that use formal methods. We also help your customers make the best movies of testimonials.

Animated Videos

BrandStory is your one-stop solution for professional and creative animated video production services. Our expert corporate videographer takes the time to understand your unique needs and requirements, ensuring we deliver the best possible outcome for your business. We cater to various industry verticals and provide a wide range of services to help you engage with your audience and boost your brand's visibility.

Trust BrandStory to bring your vision to life with our exceptional animated video production services.

Explainer Videos

At BrandStory, we make animated explainer films that get results and drive traffic! With our clear and interesting animated stories in 2D animation, Whiteboard, Motion Graphics, or 3D animation, we bring difficult and boring ideas to life. Our method, which is based on research, helps brands connect with their customers and reach their marketing goals.

Corporate Videos

Our approach to video creation goes above and beyond expectations. By thoroughly researching your business and understanding the needs and wants of your audience, we can deliver stunning videos that exceed imagination.

Commercial Videos

The BrandStory team takes the time to learn about your business's goals and budget, from advertising to internal communications. Our full-service corporate video production agency will help you with everything you need to make a high-quality corporate video. BrandStory is an all-in-one solution that includes site scouting, film fixers, and full pre- and post-production services.

Branding Videos

From the idea to the final cut, we take care of every part of video production in-house so that our clients get the best result possible. Our team has worked with clients in many different fields, such as advertising, business, and entertainment.

Our Corporate Video Production Process


Once you have your concept in mind, you can move on to the pre-production phase. This stage involves developing a timeline for your video production, crafting a storyboard, drafting a script, and preparing any other necessary tools to ensure a smooth production process when filming begins. This is the first step in the process of corporate videography Abu Dhabi company.


During this phase of video production, shooting the actual video takes place when you have a detailed script and storyboard. BrandStory simplifies this stage by scouting the location beforehand to ensure the lighting and acoustics match your concept.


The editing phase is crucial in finalizing your content during the video production process. This stage involves fine-tuning your video by cutting unnecessary footage, mixing and editing vocals, music, and other sounds, and adding special effects and graphics to enhance the complete quality of your video. The goal is to achieve a polished and professional look that will captivate your audience and help you stand out in the market.


After finishing your video, the next step is to promote and distribute it across your social media and other digital channels. This phase focuses on identifying your desired audience and determining the most effective means of reaching them through your video content.

Why Choose Us?

With a wealth of experience spanning over 12 industries, we possess the know-how to customize our methodologies to fulfil the distinctive needs of every undertaking. We take pride in accommodating, dependable, and consistently delivering results within the stipulated timeline and budget. Working with us is effortless and hassle-free.

Benefits of Choosing Corporate Video Production in Abu Dhabi

High-Quality Production

BrandStory is the best corporate video production companies in Abu Dhabi that delivers ultra-high videos at your disposal. The team comprises skilled experts and advanced tools that facilitate the creation of superior corporate videos.


When it comes to corporate video production, BrandStory stands out as a cost-effective option among others. This is due to its comparatively lower production costs and competitive equipment rental and crew pricing.

Content Localisation

Our team has the ability to craft video content in various regional languages spoken in India. We can provide voice-overs, written text, and subtitles to cater to the needs of our clients.


“The whole BrandStory team was clear about what we wanted and what they could give us. They were also great to work with, ensuring everything was handled and giving us extra ideas to improve the end production.”

- Jose, Product Manager

“Working with BrandStory proved to be an immensely gratifying encounter. Their unwavering determination and adeptness resulted in an exceptional outcome amidst a delicate circumstance.”

- Stef- Project Manager

“I searched for a corporate video production company near me and found BrandStory’s expert team. We have relied upon it for numerous projects spanning various locations.”

- Deborraw - Digital Marketing Specialist


The process of crafting videos by companies for either internal uses (such as onboarding, recruiting, and training videos) or external marketing purposes (like ads, product demos, and case studies) is known as corporate video production. All video content generated by a corporation is grouped under the broad category of corporate video production.

Following are the types of corporate videos, BrandStory produces:
  • Promotional Videos
  • Commercial Videos
  • Branding Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Training Videos

Typically, producing a corporate video requires approximately 4-6 weeks to complete. This includes the various stages of development, pre-production, filming, post-production, and editing. However, if the video exceeds 5 minutes, the timeline may be extended to approximately eight weeks.