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Retail Marketing Agency in Dubai

Every consumer-related business requires a proper retail marketing strategy to help them build their brand identity and trigger their sales. All businesses require proper branding, promoting, and constant interaction with the customers to give themselves better visibility and also create a unique place for themselves in the competitive world and this can be offered to them by the retail marketing firms.

By taking the help of a retail marketing company in dubai, you will be able to keep yourself above your competitors. You can also provide your consumers with a unique shopping experience. You can boost customer loyalty and also form meaningful relationships with your customers.

The Four Pillars of Retail Marketing

The four pillars of retail marketing are:

Product: This refers to the particular product or service that you offered to your customer. It is the cornerstone of your business and is also the key to your success.

Place: Next comes the place. It is very important for you to promote your products in all those places where your target audience is present. So, you need to choose your platform for promotion quite carefully.

Price: Every product comes with a purchasing price. So, it is very important for you to maintain a proper pricing strategy to invite more customers towards your brand.

Promotion: Promotion is a very important part of retail marketing services in dubai. You need to promote your product really well in order to increase your sales on various platforms.

Our Retail Marketing Strategy

Strategic Planning: The first step of designing a retail marketing strategy is planning. You need to plan out your entire strategy in advance so that you can execute your plan accordingly.

Retail Audit: Next you need to carry out a retail audit. This will help you to understand how exactly you can increase your sales and drive more customers towards your brand.

Brand Positioning: Brand positioning is also quite important for retail marketing. It involves positioning your brand at a particular level in your niche.

Experience Development: Next you need to develop an experience development strategy so that you are able to provide your customer with an enhanced experience.

Pop-up Retail: The last step involves pop-up retail. Here you will be able to ensure that the products are being sold to the customers in a highly proper and strategic way.

Benefits of retail marketing services

There are multiple benefits of having well-built retail marketing solutions in dubai. You will be able to make use of your retail marketing strategy to build customer loyalty. This is also going to help you in increasing your customer retention rate. You can increase your revenue by triggering the sale of products and services. You can create an excellent brand identity for yourself and drive more customers towards your brand. You will also be able to provide your business with an increased exposure on various platforms by going for the services offered by a retail marketing agency in dubai.

KPIs of retail marketing

Sales and Market Share: The sales and market share is used to indicate the amount of sales that you generate and your total market share. This can be used to determine the success of your marketing strategy.

Loyalty Program Subscribers: Loyalty program subscribers: This KPI involves knowing how many users have actually subscribed to your loyalty program after your retail marketing campaigns.

Average Online Review Ratings: The average online reviews and ratings can be used to indicate what the customers have got to say about the products and services that you have got to offer to them.

Organic Search Ranking: Organic search ranking is determined by the SEO friendliness of your campaign. It will improve your ranking in popular search engines.

Revenue per Location: By finding out the revenue per location, you will be able to understand how much revenue you are able to generate from each location.

Repeat Visits: Repeat visits indicate how many users have been visiting your brand frequently for your products and services.

Why Choose Our Retail marketing services in dubai Brandstory

Brand & Communications Strategy: BrandStory is an extremely reliable retail marketing consultant and is known for its extensive communication and brand strategy. It allows you to maintain constant communication with your customers and build an excellent brand identity of your own.

Lead Generation: By making use of the services offered by BrandStory, you will be able to create potential leads for your brand in no time at all. This is what keeps BrandStory above other retail marketing companies in dubai.

Customer Loyalty Programs: BrandStory will also help you to create a customer loyalty program. This can help you to create a sense of trust in the minds of your customer.

Digital-to-Retail Promotions: You can go for digital-to-retail promotions to promote your products and services on different platforms and increase their visibility.

Local SEO Strategy & Implementation: By using the local SEO strategy and implementation, you can improve your local search engine ranking in no time at all and your website visibility will increase.

Client Stories

Thank you BrandStory for helping me in building an extensive retail marketing strategy for my brand within a span of a few months. My sales rate has increased rapidly. Today, I have over 300 potential customers and I am really happy with the progress that my company has made in such a short while.

I would like to recommend BrandStory to all those startups and small businesses who are struggling to make a place for themselves in the retail industry. The services will not only help you to provide excellent exposure but will also allow your brand to perform in a smooth and streamlined manner.

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You can choose the best retail marketing service provider in Dubai by having a look at their track record, their range of services, and their pricing plans.

Retail marketing will provide your brand with a really good identity. You will also be able to give your brand the desired exposure in a short timespan.

You can easily create a retail marketing strategy by taking the help of a retail marketing company. The company will understand your requirements and help you in designing your strategy accordingly.

Retail product pricing refers to the prices of products that are available for sale. You should choose your prices after doing an in-depth comparison of the prices of similar products and the pricing of your competitors.

You can attract retail customers by offering them the best quality products at a discounted rate. You can also carry out promotions so that your brand remains in the minds of the customers at all times.

WhatsApp marketing allows you to send bulk messages in no time at all. You will also be able to make use of the most popular social media platforms to promote your products and services.