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What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the various techniques a business can implement to improve their consumer conversion rate from relevant local searches.

A local search basically refers to the intent behind the search being made. For example, if you are looking for caterers near you or by supplementing a location, then the search engine draws up results based on this additional local information. This is one reason why businesses should also look into investing in local SEO services.

Search engine algorithms are always on the move. Google Search, since its inception, has been dominant in the search engine space. According to Statista, as of April 2020, Google is the undisputed search engine with a market share of 86.02%. Google is also one of the top websites in UAE with ‘Dubai’ and ‘UAE’ being the top most searched queries.

Local SEO involves understanding current algorithms, analyzing trends and optimizing business websites with the purpose of improving their rankings on local SERPs.

How Does Google Help Businesses With Local SEO?

Google provides a tool for business owners and organizations to help build their credibility online called Google My Business. With this free and easy to use tool, businesses can maintain relevant information online and also connect with potential users with searches and maps.

You can create your own business profile, upload photos, and connect with users nearby to your business location. An updated website, email and calling information lets users instantly connect with businesses without the need to navigate through multiple screens.

You can also view usage metrics and analyze how users are interacting with your business profile and accordingly use local search engine optimization features for better engagement.

Benefits of Google My Business:

  • Centralized portal for information management
  • Understand user behavior as to how they interact with businesses online
  • A simple photo upload to the business profile attracts 35% more traffic to the parent website

Why Is Local Search Engine Optimization Important For Your Business?

According to HubSpot, 46% of all searches in Google are local searches. Out of which 88% of people actually visit or call the business the same day as they do the search. Moreover, 78% of mobile searches made on the basis of location resulted in an offline purchase.

There is ample proof available that the informed consumers of today consult the internet before making a purchase or using a service. For example, if a user, based out of Downtown, is looking for a plumber they would prefer a plumber from Downtown or a nearby area like Business Bay than wait for someone to visit from Emirates Hills.

This is where local SEO services come into the picture. If the plumbing outfit from Downtown has an online presence, then the business gets ranked accordingly on the local SERPs on the basis of local search made.

Apart from google searches, users also look for local business directories in order to ascertain the legitimacy of a business. Having a consistent and updated profile across directories, coupled with photos and videos, can help businesses with their branding goals online.

Be it Google, Bing, local business directories, review websites, customer feedback plays an integral role in creating and maintaining a brand image. Queries and criticism must be handled professionally, it instills trust among customers, and the business emerges as a serious contender willing to accommodate user concerns.

Some of the top and free local business directories include,,, among others.

What Are The Advantages Of Implementing Local SEO Services?

Businesses have a lot to gain from the range of local SEO benefits on offer.

Improved Consumer Conversion Rate

Out of all the local advertising strategies available, local SEO has one of the highest ROI on investment. With local search, businesses are able to connect with users right when they need them.

Increased Foot Traffic

If you own a shop, store or a café, with a strong online presence you can expect an increase in the number of people visiting your business for your services.

Stay Ahead Of Competition

With local search engine optimization techniques, you can drive targeted traffic to your website, physical store which will help you stay relevant in the marketplace.

Customer Loyalty

If your user base is nearby to your business location, then there is always the possibility of repeat consumers.

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