Significance of UX UI In Mobile Applications

January 2,2022

Written By @Brandstory

One can find millions of mobile applications present at the app store today. Most of the successful ones among them are known to have an attractive look and smooth user experience [UX]. UX and User Interface (UI) play a prominent role in creating a visually appealing and engaging mobile app.

Mobile phones and their related technologies are gaining superior popularity with every passing day. The valuable mobile applications available today is a key reason why many individuals opt to carry out their diverse personal and professional tasks on their mobile phone itself, rather than switching on their laptop. As per certain reports, the number of worldwide mobile app downloads is expected to reach 258.2 billion by 2022, from 205.4 billion in 2018.

With the growth in the popularity of mobile apps, the expectations of people from this software have increased considerably as well. With the expansive number of mobile apps made available to them, people only opt to download the ones that have high functionality and can be navigated smoothly, thereby making UI UX a vital aspect of mobile applications.

Here are a few key points that underline the importance of UI UX for mobile applications:

  • Captivates Users: Subsequent to opening an app for the first time, users hardly take a couple of minutes to decide whether they want to continue using it or uninstall it right away. They only choose to continue if they find its design attractive and gripping enough, and see that they can navigate it seamlessly.
  • Enhanced customers complacency: Users would be satisfied with a mobile application only it presents them with informative and interesting content, as well as having easy navigation and impressive design. A contented user would subsequently recommend the app to many others, which would, in turn, result in an increase in the number of customers for the company and boost their ROI.
  • Conserves time and cost: If brands invest in good UI UX for mobile applications, there would be a very little chance that their users would face any hassle in using the software. A well-developed and designed app would work flawlessly and hence not require frequent updates for error fixes. This would ultimately save both time and expenses for the brand.
  • Rank high in the app store: The number of users who like to use a certain app largely determines its overall popularity and efficiency. Satisfied users ideally leave good ratings and reviews of an application in the app store, helping it to come right at the top of the list. Being featured at a good rank in the top app list would invariably attract more users to the software as well.
  • UI/UX design boosts a brand: As brands invest in the services of expert UI/UX design, they can ultimately ensure that their users would be satisfied with the experience their app provides and would be impressed with their brand. This would help a brand to establish a positive image in the market and ensure a set of loyal customers. A good UI UX design shall reinforce the professionalism level of a brand in the mind of the users, and highlight its brand value.

While a good UI will instantly attract the target audience to an app and encourage them to further explore it, a smooth UX will leave a lasting impact in the mind of the users. Hence, to ensure the success of an app, it is vital to get both of these elements right.

There are a number of mobile app UI UX design guidelines that should be followed to make the software user friendly, functional and compelling. Some of these elements are:

  • Uniformity in design to be maintained throughout the app
  • The app should be designed in a manner that each of its pages can be loaded in a prompt manner
  • Conventional and familiar elements should be used in the design for the ease of understanding of the users
  • The app should have interactive features that build a connection with the users and effectively engages them

In the contemporary era of digitization, mobile apps need to be packed with advantageous features and effective UI UX design to survive the high competition level in the market. There are many UI UX companies for mobile apps which can help brands to develop applications that have an attractive and eye-catching design, as well as smooth UX, which instantly impresses the users.