SEO Tips and Tricks to attract more web traffic

December 2,2021

Written By @Brandstory

The last decade has seen a complete transformation of how we access, consume, and utilize information. This shift has made research almost synonymous with Google search, thereby making Search Engine Optimisation, such an important aspect of all the shared content on the internet.

According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic begins with a search query. Therefore, it’s important to understand the concept and utilization of SEO.

Staying updated regarding the best SEO practices and its usage needs research and rigor in implementation, the constant renovation of Google’s algorithms requires a regular update for our SEO techniques as well.

On average, people use Google to conduct over 4 billion searches every single day. More than 80% of people use Google searches before purchasing any product or service, which indicates the importance of visibility.

High visibility ensures better traffic, better conversions, and in turn, increased revenues. According to research, the first three to four organic search results command about 60% of all traffic. There are a number of tried, tested and effective Search Engine Optimisation tips, which you can implement to boost your search traffic.

Let us take a look at some of the top tricks for SEO that you can use for your online presence to ensure good internet traffic.

1. Complete the SEO Audit : Audit is a systematic and rigorous evaluation of an entity to figure out the performance of the entity in specific parameters and domains. In terms of SEO, it involves a close examination of the techniques employed to gain online traction and continuously improve the methods to gain and retain footfalls.

Let us look at some of the checks you should during an audit:

  • Making sure that all the pages of your website contain sub-titles and descriptions.
  • Images should also have keywords and ALT tags.
  • Optimise the URL structures for search engines by making sure that they are short, simple, and easy to interpret.
  • The formatting of the blog/content/post should be proper and consistent.
  • Ensuring that every single page is suitably optimized and contains proper SEO keywords without overstuffing.

2. Advanced SEO and Internal Deep Linking : Deep linking is a method of navigation within your website. This method uses an anchor text or a link to get to the other pages on your website. Google accesses the depth of your site and indexes more of it. Routing and retaining the page visitors to and on the internal pages is the real test of the site since the majority of the users leave from the home page itself. Deep linking helps in improving the SEO of internal pages as well. A well-linked website is sure to gain a good amount of internet traffic.

3. Monitor Google Search Statistics : Google Search Console is one of the most robust tools to help you identify impending issues in your website that possibly affect your search rankings.

These are some of the most important things to check for in the console:

  • Look out for common errors like 404 pages
  • Submission of new sitemaps
  • Identify the keywords that people are using to find your content or website and emphasize those.

4. Use of Infographics : Infographics are one of the most popular ways of conveying complex information. It enables you to convey the information in a simple and comprehensive manner. More than 65% of people are considered to be visual learners. Therefore, pictorial and graphical representations play a key role in popularising your content.

5. Use of Adwords : Another trending SEO strategy is to mine keywords from your competitor’s Google AdWords search ads. Google AdWords ads are concise and optimized in accordance with your competitor’s target keywords. The trick is to ensure that your content is ranked high organically for the same set of keywords in a Google search.

6. Post Valuable Social Media Content : Posting relevant and valuable content and social media helps you gain credibility when you’re just starting out in your domain. There are several key aspects of a good and valuable social media post like length, readability, links, keywords, etc. Another great way of boosting traffic is through the use of trending topics accompanied by relevant buzzwords and images. Striking an optimum balance between each of these parameters ensures the creation of good content.

Those were some of the trending SEO strategies that you can implement in your website and content. Search engine optimization is the single most important parameter when it comes to increasing internet traction. It is a mix of complex and simple techniques and needs a good amount of research and effective execution.