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In a nutshell, a social media marketing company is an agency that provides several social media services to businesses that do not have the resources to manage their online presence. Services of our social media marketing company Bahrain

include social media content creation, selection of the most effective online distribution channels and running social media ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

They will create a comprehensive strategy incorporating innovative and current social and inbound marketing technologies. Their strategy will target customer profiles based on information received from audience insights across various channels.

Our social media marketing Process at Brandstory Social Media Agency in Bahrain

Competitor Analysis for Social Media

The positive aspect of competition in a business scenario is it helps you to be more alert & innovative and also forces you to do your best. We all know that social media is a competitive place and used as the best platform for brand awareness. So, if you want to succeed in your business, then you must get an edge over your competitor. Thus, we will help you to keep an eye on your rivals, to know about their weaknesses & strategies, and also to benchmark your performance against the heavy-hitters of your industry and region. So, if you haven't done a social media competitor analysis, then give it a shot to measure and finetune your strategy.

Social Media Community Management

Community management plays a vital role in building a strong, authentic, reliable, and long-lasting relationship with your dedicated customers. With years of experience in Social Media Community Management, we help you to manage your online presence and to explore new ways to engage your community across various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and many more. We understand the value of customer satisfaction. Thus, we help you to maintain the voice of your brand for customer loyalty and customer retention.

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media has proved to be a game-changer in the field of online marketing. Above that providing relevant, engaging, eye-catchy, and meaningful content by understanding what your dedicated customers want is a real challenge to build a strong and fruitful relationship with your customers. Therefore, through our services, we help you to develop content ideas that work & convert and help you to ace your business by pitching your product by using expressive, innovative and re-purposed content across social media platforms.

Social Media Advertising

Undoubtedly, social media has become one of the most popular and useful platforms for brand awareness & brand promotion, as more than 90% of the users are using social media. But, in this fast-pacing world, where more and more brands are getting on board on social media platforms, no one wants to wait for results organically by twiddling one's thumbs. Thus, paid social media advertising or sponsored content proves to be the best tool and the most effective way to drive quick results, to enhance followers, and to get higher customer engagement.

Social Media ROI Measurement

Despite all your efforts, if you are unable to yield results, then all your efforts will go in vain. Thus, through Social Media ROI Measurement, we will help you to redefine and in building your marketing strategy. It also helps you to measure the effectiveness of all your social media efforts and ultimately helps you to what resonates with your audience. So, if you want to improvise your efforts then, measuring social media ROI proves to be the sure shot way to know the potential impact of future social media marketing campaigns across the business.


Reporting reveals the true colour of your input and efforts. Thus, reporting is the key component to measure your marketing success. We prepare customized reports as per the clients reporting needs to explain to them the progress of their business on social media platforms.

Why Brandstory for your SMM ?

Our social media marketing company in Bahrain not only set goals for social media management but help companies work towards it.

We help define both short term and long-term goals. We design techniques for Social media content management that can bring in greater audience engagement and improved outreach.

The next step in your social media action plan will be based on the current business situation, and long-term marketing targets. Out social media strategy team helps scale your social media activities seamlessly.

SMM Services in Bahrain

Our social media marketing services in Bahrain MENA take care of all the online marketing needs of your business.

Attract your audience - Our SMM services include effective techniques to identify and target your ideal audience.

Engage the audience - Interesting, quirky and relevant posts are offered to engage and connect with the audience.

Grow the audience- Once the audience is cultivated, larger numbers can be achieved through smart and timely management of your social media channels.

Drive Sales- Engagement of a larger audience means more visibility for the business and more leads. This directly contributes to a revenue boost to the business.

Choosing the right Social Media Marketing Agency in Bahrain

A wrong choice of the social media agency to manage your services results in wastage of money and growth opportunities. There are several social media marketing agencies in Bahrain but there are some factors that go into choosing the right social media agency. Our SMM services company in Bahrain takes care of the following:

• Our social media management in Bahrain MENA understand your company aims and objectives thoroughly.

• Our social media marketing services Bahrain middle east is specifically a social media marketing company and not a digital or content marketing company that offer social media services.

• Our social media marketing services in Bahrain United Arab Emirates boasts of enough reviews, proof of concepts and case studies about us that can influence your final decision.

• At our social media marketing Bahrain, we are always ready to offer clear cut strategic inputs to your social media campaign. Our SMM consultants in Bahrain create the strategy, execute strategy and keep on modifying it until it works.


Trusted Social Media Marketing Services in Bahrain

Developing a strong relationship with your audience is the primary motive of social media marketing. Once a reliable and trusted connection is built with your customers, they are more likely to business with you. This can happen through likes, and comments on social media platforms.

The more exposure your brand or product gets, organic traffic begins to find its way to your website. We develop strong social media campaigns and target ads to increase website visitors and conversions.

Our Social media marketing services will help increase word of mouth and referrals from your growing followers. Your followers will match the demographics and behaviours of your typical customers.

The crucial element of our social media services is the continuous monitoring of the social media pages of our customers. We monitor all comments, messages, reviews and respond as soon as possible. Daily management and optimisation of social media pages is required to grow your social media channel.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing Services

Effectively Direct Traffic

Our Social media channels help to gain easy access to target audience efficiently. You can communicate with your audience through location by Geo-Targeting Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have tools to communicate with the users irrespective of their location by setting the location features as desired.

Ease of learning about your Customers

The golden rule of marketing hasn't changed in decades which says “Know your Customer”. Understanding the needs of your niche audience is required to update social media campaigns. Through social media listening software such as HootSuite, we help you learn the complete demographic of your visitor and design your social media marketing campaign.

Gain Huge Volume of Customers

SMM is probably the simplest route to reaching more number of customers. Thousands of people are on one form of social media or another at a given point of time. Brandstory social media agency Bahrain helps you to leverage on this online presence 24/7.

Get Immediate Feedback

In this current digital world, where everything needs to be instant, online marketing is not far behind. Through social media, you can brief your product, service, and interact with potential clients. You can get instantaneous feedback from them and address any issues or complaints right away.

Track your Competitors

Social media has shrunk the marketing world. You have easy access to the profiles of your competitors, their services, rates, new releases and so on. This can keep your team updated about the market trends and become more proactive.

Improve your websites Ranking in Google

Greater the number of visitors to your website, higher the ranking of your page on Google. After social media marketing, our Social Media marketing campaigns create a powerful profile for you that can open doors to catching the attention of more customers and diverting them to your website.

Leverage on sharing facility of Social Media

Our social media advertising agency Bahrain offers its users information sharing facility in just one click. Be it content, posts, ads, or video, you can reach your customers in the minimum possible time through the user-friendly features of social media platforms

Lower Cost

The most attractive benefit of social media marketing is the low cost compared to other avenues. We can show you how in about 6 hours a day of social media marketing, you can market your brands and see highly positive results in terms of response.

Strengthen relations with Customers

Your social media profile eventually becomes your identity and a bridge to stay connected with your current customers. Your business profiles on a platform such as LinkedIn is a great way to keep you in touch with your prospects. Through a variety of social media platforms, a long-lasting relationship is created with your customers.

Improve Brand Recognition

There is no use of building a valuable brand if it is not known to anyone. Your hardwork getting appreciated by others is a great morale booster. Our social media channels are a window to the voice of your brand and an opportunity to get the audience familiar with it. The more social media websites your business profile is visible, greater the trust you build.

Escalate Inbound Traffic

Social media provides not one but plenty to avenues to raise your inbound traffic to your website or business profile. Social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest have proven to be the top sources of inbound traffic in the last few years. We help you to leverage on these mediums

Improve Conversion Rates

A recent research has shown that social media offers over 100% lead rate compared to outbound marketing. The “human” factor of SMM has helped to communicate with other humans on a personal level and improve conversion rates on inbound traffic.

More Opportunity to Convert

Anything and everything you share on your social media page is going to gain attention and followers old or new right from images, videos, blog posts, and so on. Every interaction is an opportunity for conversion and every visitor is a prospective customer

Boost Brands Image

The greater the interaction with your customers on social media, the greater the faith in your brand is instilled. Visitors who appreciate your services or have complaints can communicate it to you quickly so that you can take instant action. These actions boost the image of the brand in a positive way and customers will understand the genuineness of the brand.

Why Choose Brandstory Social Media Marketing Companies in Bahrain

Launching a social media marketing campaign or community management, especially on a large scale may be daunting for businesses in terms of knowledge and resources. This is where social media marketing companies can help through their expertise and social media skills.

The Bahrain population is largely internet savvy and social media literate. Over 80% of the people in Bahrain own a smartphone. Due to such high levels of digital engagement in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Every small and medium-size business in Bahrain can establish an online presence through social media platforms. These businesses can choose the top social media marketing company in Bahrain for their SMM needs and reach out to their target audience.


Businesses must choose one of the best social media marketing company in Bahrain for the following reasons:

Shift Focus on running the business

Allocating resources, setting up and training a marketing team in-house will demand plenty of resources and time of the top management. Outsourcing the social media management to external social media agencies takes the burden off the company so that they can divert their attention on critical aspects of the business.

Reduce overall marketing costs

When you compare the costs incurred from hiring a social media marketing agency in Bahrain Vs. in-house operations, an agency will cost much less over time. SMM companies are independent service providers, not in the company payroll reducing the recurring costs of salaries and other benefits. Furthermore, SMM companies use several tools for keyword research, analytics and so on. The costs of implementing these tools can be quite high for small and medium-sized businesses. Reputed SMM companies in Bahrain come equipped with these tools removing the need to get them.

Benefits of working with our experts

Social media campaigns need time and consideration before implementation. Our SMM company in Bahrain has a team of qualified social media experts who have experience of working in many projects in the past. We will create detailed and personalized social media marketing and social media strategies aligning with the business goals.

Get out-of-the-box ideas

The primary goal of availing the services of an SMM company in Bahrain is to get a fresh perspective on some of the existing online marketing techniques adopted by the business. They will assess the current efforts and come up with new ideas after conducting detailed consumer research.


A good SMM company in Bahrain adapts to the business needs as it grows or reduces incapacity. In the case of an in-house team, there will be a need to increase team size and add resources to support growth. But with a marketing company, there will be no such constraint. Good SMM companies are flexible and have several packages and plan to accommodate any business size.

Measurable Results

With so many social media marketing techniques in the digital landscape, it is difficult for businesses to understand which can generate revenue. An SMM company in Bahrain adopts KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to determine which marketing campaigns are effective for achieving the set objectives. They also identify key metrics and generate reports to measure the campaign reach on each social media channel and gauge its success rate. Social media marketing is highly measurable than traditional media

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