Top 10 Industries Growing ROI With Digital Marketing

January 2,2022

Written By @Brandstory

Digital marketing is one of the fastest-growing industries in the UAE. With a 99% internet penetration rate in the country, let’s take a look at the top 10 industries making the most of the digital marketing wave.

Real Estate

Developers and brokers/agents get to list and showcase multiple properties, reach out to a larger audience pool and benefit from SEO optimization techniques.

Consumers get to explore properties with immersive experiences like virtual tours and live videos.

Partnering with the right digital marketing company can help players big or small reduce customer acquisition costs and achieve good ROI on their investment.


Brand recognition is the topmost benefit this industry derives from implementing digital marketing strategies. According to Statista, 2.05 billion people worldwide are digital buyers. Another report shows 63% of people, irrespective of where they buy the product, tend to first begin their purchase journey online.

As consumers are better informed, it has become imperative for a retail brand to establish an online presence. Retail is, in fact, one of the leading industries using digital marketing to innovate and be better prepared for the future.


This industry has a lot of potentials that is yet to be realized with digital marketing. Google data suggests 64% of people would be open to purchasing a car without a test drive, on the basis of a 360° video.

The industry is catering to consumers with videos, virtual showrooms, and immersive experiences. Influencer marketing is another trick which has worked for this industry as such review videos have been a hit among the masses.


Schools and Universities can promote their educational offerings to students worldwide. With social media students - faculty interaction has become real-time.

Individual creators can also market their courses to a diverse audience. There are a number of websites and apps available which help people earn life skills from the comfort of their home.

Considering the digital marketing impact on ROI, education is one of the leading sectors reaping benefits in the online realm.


Leading production houses leave no stone unturned when it comes to marketing their ventures. Digital marketing has been an effective medium of promotion when it comes to small and independent creators.

A digital marketing company employs strategies to promote new productions, upcoming OTT platforms and also provide avenues for fans to connect with actors.


In the world of internet doctors, it is essential the right information makes it to the public. Even when it comes to doctors and hospitals, people check for online reviews, the credibility of the institution before making an appointment.

Of all the industries using digital marketing, health is in its nascent stages. Members of the industry need to focus on emerging trends like creating personalized, educational, engaging write-ups and videos, zero-click searches, and use of social media to connect with the target audience.


The whole experience of dining out and ordering in has been revolutionized by digital media. Quaint cafes, speciality restaurants, food trucks have been built from ground up with social media success.

Food is one of the leading themes for Instagram pages. The photo-sharing app has over 6.68 million active users in the UAE. Businesses have gained foot traffic owing to localized SEO techniques.


This industry has been at the forefront of digital marketing. The challenge now lies with differentiating the brand in the marketplace. As of 2019, UAE shoppers spent around $4 billion a year shopping online. In 2018, a study by PayPal revealed that clothing accounted for 64% cross border shopping category in UAE.

Fashion is surely one industry whose digital marketing impact on ROI has been on a higher end. It would be interesting to see how the industry evolves and adopts AI-powered tools, VR and AR capabilities to their advantage.


Law firms with strong content marketing strategies and social media presence are benefiting from digital marketing. Consumers, as with any other sector, first turn to the internet to find relevant information or to assert the credibility of a lawyer.

With a targeted audience reach, ad campaigns, SEO optimization, lawyers can improve ROI on their marketing campaigns.


Digital marketing has added a whole new dimension to the marketing sector itself. With businesses realizing the potential of the digital medium, these marketing services are high in demand.

A digital marketing company which is adept with social media, email, blogging, influencer, video marketing strategies employs the same to gain consumers.