Social Media Marketing Company in Dubai

In a nutshell, a social media marketing company is an agency that provides several social media services to businesses that do not have the resources to manage their online presence. Services of our social media marketing company Dubai

include social media content creation, selection of the most effective online distribution channels and running ad campaigns on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

They will create a comprehensive strategy incorporating innovative and current social and inbound marketing technologies. Their strategy will target customer profiles based on information received from audience insights across various channels.

Why do businesses need to choose a social media marketing agency in Dubai?

Launching a social media marketing campaign or community management, especially on a large scale may be daunting for businesses in terms of knowledge and resources. This is where social media marketing companies can help through their expertise and social media skills.

The Dubai population is largely internet savvy and social media literate. Over 80% of the people in Dubai own a smartphone. Due to such high levels of digital engagement in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Every small and medium-size business in Dubai can establish an online presence through social media platforms. These businesses can choose the top social media marketing company in Dubai for their SMM needs and reach out to their target audience.

Businesses must choose one of the best social media marketing company in Dubai for the following reasons:

Shift Focus on running the business

Allocating resources, setting up and training a marketing team in-house will demand plenty of resources and time of the top management. Outsourcing the social media management to external social media agencies takes the burden off the company so that they can divert their attention on critical aspects of the business.

Reduce overall marketing costs

When you compare the costs incurred from hiring a social media marketing agency in Dubai Vs. in-house operations, an agency will cost much less over time. SMM companies are independent service providers, not in the company payroll reducing the recurring costs of salaries and other benefits. Furthermore, SMM companies use several tools for keyword research, analytics and so on. The costs of implementing these tools can be quite high for small and medium-sized businesses. Reputed SMM companies in Dubai come equipped with these tools removing the need to get them.

Benefits of working with our experts

Social media campaigns need time and consideration before implementation. Our SMM company in Dubai has a team of qualified social media experts who have experience of working in many projects in the past. We will create detailed and personalized SEO and social media strategies aligning with the business goals.

Get out-of-the-box ideas

The primary goal of availing the services of an SMM company in Dubai is to get a fresh perspective on some of the existing online marketing techniques adopted by the business. They will assess the current efforts and come up with new ideas after conducting detailed consumer research.


A good SMM company in Dubai adapts to the business needs as it grows or reduces incapacity. In the case of an in-house team, there will be a need to increase team size and add resources to support growth. But with a marketing company, there will be no such constraint. Good SMM companies are flexible and have several packages and plan to accommodate any business size.

Measurable Results

With so many social media marketing techniques in the digital landscape, it is difficult for businesses to understand which can generate revenue. An SMM company in Dubai adopts KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) to determine which marketing campaigns are effective for achieving the set objectives. They also identify key metrics and generate reports to measure the campaign reach on each social media channel and gauge its success rate. Social media marketing is highly measurable than traditional media

Our SMM Process

The SMM process we follow at Brandstory social media marketing company dubai involves the following steps:

Identify the marketing problem

Our team of experts do a review and analysis of the current online marketing strategies of the business, loopholes and areas that need improvement.

Set the marketing objective

Our social media specialists will work with you to discuss what you wish to achieve through social media marketing efforts. Do we need to increase brand awareness, sales, or connect with the target audience? We set objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

Social Media Audit

Once our goals are set, the next step is to audit and analyse the current social media presence to understand the brand position. This includes analysing what social media platforms you are active on, how many followers are there for the brand, which platform generates maximum revenue and so on.

Develop and Refine Brand

From the data collected, we investigate reasons why the social media campaigns are failing and what are the flaws in the brand strategy. We then discuss the techniques for optimizing your brand in the long run.

Social Media Marketing Channels

The next step of our SMM process is deciding your social media platforms. The factors we consider before making the decision are:

  • Which platforms does the target audience visit the most?
  • Do you have the resources to advertise on top social media platforms?
  • How much time can be devoted to each platform on a weekly basis

Curate and Create Content

Next, our team works on creating compelling content for social media channels. We focus on curating content that is entertaining, engaging, that creates awareness and that has some offers and promotions to woo customers.

Manage Community and Influencers

We work to identify the key influencers for your brand by monitoring their activity on social media. Influencers can be rated based on the impact of the person on your brand, the reach of the individual and his actionability or willingness to share your content.

Measure and Quantify

We determine simple metrics to measure the success of social media marketing plans. The key success metrics will depend on many factors such as traffic to the website, reach, conversions to name a few. The metrics we choose will be aligned with your digital marketing goals.

Execute and Manage Plan

Once all the factors are in place, our social media marketing team in Dubai goes about implementing the marketing plan. Relevant content is posted on the chosen social media platforms regularly. Social media activity is continuously tracked and analysed to determine its success and ability to attract the audience.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The key benefits of leveraging on social media marketing services by businesses are:

1) Increase Website Traffic and Boost Conversion

Social media marketing drives more visitors to your website. More visitors mean more leads and greater conversions. Each piece of engaging content on social media creates an additional opportunity to be found online.

2) Build the brand

Social media offers brand a distinct personality. Social Media Marketing helps them communicate with the existing and potential customers through a unique identity. Maintaining this identity helps build trust between the audience and the brand.

Improving social media presence gradually raises awareness about your brand and makes it stay on top of the viewers minds. Social media platforms project your brand as a leading authority and a leader in the niche market.

3) Provide Personalized User Experiences

Through social media marketing campaigns, your brands can communicate with the audience on a personal level. They offer personalized experiences, real-time interactions, engaging conversations, receive and respond to feedback quickly.

4) Better Search Engine Rankings

Increased presence on social media platforms pushes more visitors back to your website. This means additional traffic for your webpage. A search engine optimized website that generates organic traffic through social media marketing improves the ranking of the site on search engines.

5) Targeted Advertising Opportunities

When the number of users on social media platforms increases, it means that the brand is reaching both steady and untapped audiences. Social media marketing helps to harness the potential of social media channels to reach out to a niche, target audience around the world and convert them to customers.

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