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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the answer to businesses’ shift from just “surviving” to “thriving”. In today’s world that breathes digital, digital marketing is an unquestionably essential for business growth.

Our digital marketing services caters to the increased online visibility demands your business to project itself, reach out to customers and compete in the digital marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

The aspects of digital marketing agency in Dubai are:

Increased visibility for your products

Our SEO techniques help boost online visibility by implementing on-page and off-page optimization techniques. We build content that adapts to the ever-changing algorithms of search engines. Our relevant and high-quality backlinks ensure you are on top of the visibility spectrum.

Increased ROI from digital marketing

Digital marketing is economically a more profitable option for businesses than traditional methods. Our methodologies focus on the target clientele who will need your business, include the USP of your products and services in the headers, and persistently use data analytics to gain actionable customer insights.

Improve Customer Engagement

Personized communication is the soul of digital marketing and the road to customer engagement. Our solutions encompass responding to customer queries, eliciting feedback and active social media interaction. We believe in leveraging on any medium that takes you one step closer to your audience.

Digital Marketing services mainly consists of: Website Services

This is the one stop for your customers to know about you, the biggest marketing asset for your organisation. Your website gives the first impression of your brand, products and services. Customers visit you back only if they like what they see on your websites. Websites can have articles, blogs, surveys, and ads many more customer outreach options. Web content must be crisp, catchy and engaging to strike the chord with your audience.

SEO Services

The content on your website will fetch the desired results only if it reaches your audience. Here is where the local SEO comes handy. Through optimised SEO, you can get your webpages to rank on top in the search engine results.

PPC Services

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing is a technique through which PPC experts help generate revenue through increased leads via ads. PPC ads can be display ads, search ads, video ads, shopping ads and ads on mobile.

Social Media Services

Social Media marketing involves use to expertise to decide the best social media network to attract your customers. The social media network that will work best for the company depends on the type of business and the projected audience.

Video Services

It is estimated that over 80% of digital traffic is going to be through videos in the coming years. Video marketing is suited to the short attention span of the audience who wish to get the message quickly and clearly. Video marketing has great scope for creating engaging content tailor made to the viewer.

Search Engine

Search engines platforms such as Google, Yahoo and Bing searches for information on the world wide web depending on the characters typed by the user

Social Media

Social media platforms help companies to reach to their customers before the customers even begin their research. Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Video Platform

Video platforms are ideas in motion that have a greater impact on the viewer. They can be made exciting, fun or serious depending on the viewers’ sensibility. Some of the commonly visited video platforms are Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo.

Email platform

The average internet user checks the email atleast once a day. This gives marketers an opportunity to send regular updates about their products and give them an opportunity to sign up for newsletters.

The most common digital marketing tools used are:

Social Media Tools

Social media platforms like Facebook has over 2 billion users, Twitter has over 300 million users and Instagram has over 700 million users. With such a huge population of internet users on social media, it has become one of the primary channels of marketing that companies can leverage upon.

Content Creation Tools

There are plenty of avenues in content creation through which the message of the business can resonate with the audience. Articles, infographics, videos, blogs and so on are a few tools that can create unique, polished content for your website or other platforms.

Data Analytics Tools

There are several analytical tools in digital marketing that can track data on content performance, customer response on websites, and social media platforms. This valuable data can fine tune your marketing process and increase revenue through conversions.

Essential skills digital marketing experts need to possess are:

Knowledge of Social Media Advertising

A digital marketing executive must have good knowledge of social media platforms such as Facebook or other platforms used regularly by a customer. They must perform analytics and collect insights and creative innovative campaigns to secure a dominant position in the social media landscape.

Expert in Marketing channels

Key social media skills include expertise in using the various marketing channels such as SEO, SMM, email marketing, content marketing to name a few. The strategy here must be to focus only on those channels that align well with the company dynamics.

Analytical and Creative Skills

For digital marketing strategies to succeed, a marriage of Art and Science in required. Along with analytical capabilities needed to come up with specific strategies, creative skills contribute to beautiful and artistically designed campaigns.

The benefits of digital marketing to the business in Dubai or any other branch include:

• Businesses gain the ability to interact with prospects and gain useful insights into what they are really looking for.

• Digital marketing methods help the products and services of a business to reach the global marketplace.

• Due to the wider reach, digital marketing methods bring in more leads and better ROI than traditional marketing methods.

• Constant customer engagement is the main force behind digital marketing. This helps in building personal relationships with customers and brand loyalty.

Most Powerful Marketing Form

Digital marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. Due to its accessibility and coverage, it can cater to eclectic audiences online or via mobile gadgets from all over the globe.

Quick adaptation and improvements to strategy

In traditional marketing methods, businesses will need to wait for the process to complete before gauging its success or failure. But digital marketing campaigns are more in the moment. Campaign strategies can be tweaked and adapted quickly on-the-go to improve results.

Measurable Form of Marketing

All forms of digital marketing give immediate results that be easily measured for success rate. They remove the guess work that goes into determining if a tactic is actually working or not. The real time metric contributes to improving future campaigns for greater success.

Target Ideal Buyers Online

With digital marketing, specifically SEO, marketers can ensure that the messages are viewed by the intended audience. The targeting capabilities of digital marketing are far greater than those offered by traditional methods.

Content Marketing

Promote your business through high quality content and boost organic traffic to your website.

ContentSearch Marketing

Use SEO techniques to get your web page to rank on top in the Search Engine Result Pages. Increase your online presence by a significant percentage and stay ahead of your competitors.

ContentSocial Media Marketing

Develop customised social media pages to get the attention of your niche audience and stay relevant through valuable and updated social media content.

ContentEmail Marketing

Design smart personalised email campaigns to gain the attention of the customers. Enhanced user experience and segmentation will lead to increase in revenue per campaign.

ContentPPC Marketing

Leverage on Pay Per Click advertising to promote your brands on various digital platforms. Use catchy headlines to generate curiosity and leads.

Digital marketing is very effective in promoting the products and services of businesses online. In today’s digital world, where over 90% of people turn to the internet for their needs, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing are the buzzwords and rightly so. The methods are fast, cost-effective and flexible than conventional marketing.

Through digital marketing, businesses can reach millions of consumers globally. The marketing campaigns can be tailor made to the users by collecting consumer data through analytics.

Digital marketing is highly cost effective for the following reasons:

Re-target Ads

Once audience’s online behaviour is known, re-targeting will send out ads to people who would like to do business with you. These ads add value to your products and bring in more conversions.

Connect and Convert through Social Selling

Over 62% of digital marketers claim to have closed deals through social selling. Visually engaging content must be put out on social media to establish meaningful connections with the viewers and convert them into potential customers.

Track, Adjust Campaigns